Double Personality

By: Ashley

*Chapters 2&3*

Chapter 2

The bell had rung for the buses. Jacquillinn was retrieving her books from her locker while thinking to herself, "Why was Josh in all my classes today? Kinda strange. There's something about him like a dejavu."

She walked out the front door of the school and started home. Josh followed her. His house was down from Jacquillinn's so it wouldn't be obvious if he walked beside her. He stepped up beside Jacquillinn.

Josh began, "Hi. I'm really sorry about…"

"It's okay. I know this morning was just an accident." Jacquillinn interrupted trying to push it aside.

"Um, Jacquillinn, will you come to my house?"

Jacquillinn stopped in here tracks and whipped around facing the pondered boy.

"Look, Josh, I don't like you! Okay?"

Josh had a confused look on his face. "I don't like you. It's just I want to be friends. Aren't you allowed to have friends?"

Jacquillinn flushed red. "Oh, well, a huh. Sure."

Josh smiled and motioned for her to follow him. Eventually, they reached his house.

Both entered the front door and set their things on the floor.

"Nice place. Still kind of empty." Jacquillinn said looking around, hearing the echo of her voice.

"Well, were still unpacking." He replied.

Jacquillinn walked around some boxes to the end of the stairs. She walked up a few steps then looked down. The dream from the past night appeared. Jacquillinn fell holding tight to her head. Josh came rushing up to comfort her.

"What's wrong." He asked.

Jacquillinn turned toward him replying, "Can I tell you something?" Josh knodded, "Last night, I had a dream. There was a battle and I had to leave someone. I don't know who, but it was like a piece of me was gone. The woman told me to follow a person named Nightglider and… and…"

Josh finished for her, smiling, "And you had to leave quickly. Nightglider was there to protect you but didn't survive. When you met us at the cave you told us what happened. I guess your old memory is coming back."

Jacquillinn was confused. She could barely keep track of everything.

"Let me explain. You're Goldenpaw, the white wolf. I know it sounds crazy, but you just have to believe me. That night we had to flee from the battle. You barely made it alive. Carrying Nightglider's sword you stumbled in and fell bawling. That's how I knew the story. You told us."

"Wait a minuet? Who's us?"

"Oh, there are three other people out there. It was known that on the sixth mission we'd meet together to wage war against the humans."

"But, when did this happen? Even at that, I probably wouldn't believe it."

"I don't know when and it may be unbelievable, I know! But within your-self is the truth. Listen to you. Now can you choose to follow with your kind or not. It's your decision. Please, Goldenpaw, make the right decision." Josh put his hand on Jacquillinn's shoulder.

Jacquillinn rose and walked passed Josh down the stairs. She grabbed her things and opened the door. Jacquillinn stopped and turned, "I'll think about it." She walked out shutting the door behind her.

Josh spoke aloud, "What am I supposed to do now, Master. I gave her everything I could give."

A voice returned, "Wait my friend. Just wait."

Chapter 3

That night Jacquillinn sat on the steps of her back porch. Stars shining brightly. It was past midnight. Jacquillinn had woken up from a calling in her dreams.

Jacquillinn… come here… I wish to show you something…

Time and time again those wards would repeat until she stood and walked into the woods not stopping until she reached a tree.

Now, mind you this was no ordinary tree. This was the Tree of Life. With it were the branches that spread apart forming a chair like stance. The tree glowed and the leaves blew but only among this tree.

Jacquillinn never seen anything like it. She stared at a figure that sat in the chair of the tree. The figure smiled at Jacquillinn. This figure was tall and looked much like the little girl wolf in Jacquillinn's dream. The clothing was simple medieval like suit. The figure wore a cloak with its hood down. On its head was a crown made shimmery leaves that flowed with the wind. And its wings were folded but white as it's fur.

The figure called out, "Jacquillinn, you are here. Come to me."

Jacquillinn, who was terrified but in awe, stepped forward. The figure rose and moved toward her as well. Once more the figure spoke, "Jacquillinn, you look at me strange. Do you not remember me?"

Jacquillinn shook her head stating a no.

"Jacquillinn, I am you. I am Goldenpaw. You must remember."

"G… G… Goldenpaw?"


Jacquillinn reached up and touched the wolf's face. She was curious about the whole situation. Slowly, things pieced together. "So, you are me. I… "

"Jacquillinn, come back and help us. Let me in your heart again. I will bring back your true self. Trust me."

Jacquillinn felt herself become intrigued, and realized this is what she is. She took the hands of Goldenpaw and said, "I trust you. Please, show me who I am."

In an instant, the light stopped glowing. The wind stopped. The tree became still. And Jacquillinn was left alone in the darkness. But, she wasn't scared, excited or confused. She was content. She looked at her hands then squeezed the tightly and began to walk home.