By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on Wednesday,February 26th,when a group of Berea High School students had arrived at the old Banner house,in order to assist their chaperone,Sally Dawson look for any sign of paranormal activity.
One of the students,Rebecca Stamos had gone upstairs to her room,in order to unpack her bags and freshen up a bit.
But,as soon as she had entered her room,a sudden chill wind had been blown on the back of her neck.
Rebecca had turned around,only to discover that there was no one behind her.
Just then,she had realized that one of the other students playing a cruel practical joke on her and decided to go downstairs and confront the troublemakers.
But before she was about to leave the room,the door had closed and locked by itself.
And when she was about to call for help,a mysterious force had thrown Rebecca on to the bed and started shredding her clothes off of her body.
After that,that force had began violating poor Rebecca's bare body--even after she had started to scream bloody murder.
She had been raped by the ghost of the late Jonathan Banner,who was--in life--a multimillionaire with one hell of a submission fetish.
After Rebecca,Sally Dawson and the other students had also became victims of the place known as the Demon House.
While the others were tortured and raped by Banner's ghost,Rebecca had escaped from the Demon House alive.