McNamara on grammar

billy is grammar mcnamara. imagine that
the heat on the sandstone, the white upstairs-
part that you do not see, the way you do not
go- billy is all the drunken

rules of divorce and lexicography that have
been written since the world was made of
stone and heat-

mcnamara you wear your blue tie you have
your black hair and you sit behind steps of impenetrable
mineral, old as the old earth, and you

you do not speak. you have not come up from the
wide field to speak you have come to cuneiform the black
marking span of all known past- billy is

grammar he comes from the fields mcnamara. he does
not eat anymore. he does not go upstairs either, both
of you are against the overgrown field both of you
have wide patrician profiles, both of you

have brown island eyes. and at the beginning of time
mcnamara billy was the appositive. billy was the
caesura that began the calyx of the blue tile flowers.
billy goes upstairs mcnamara. billy

clambers up your antediluvian stone