True Love's Meant to Be

When I first met her
When I looked at her eyes
I knew this would occur
I'm happy, no lies

In love we fell
My life is complete
I ascended from Hell
Got a Heavenly treat

I love her so much
And I know she loves me
She had the perfect touch
Opened my eyes to see

Tonight we will make
Our fantasies come true
My heart starts to quake
I say "I love you"

I feel her sweet mouth
Dance ballet on my lips
Her hand goes south
Arriving on my hips

We go to the bed
Our clothes we discard
She kisses my head
Her nipples grow hard

She's climbing on top
And she's kissing me
I'm afraid she will stop
This is too good to be

Her body I caress
Her curves I explore
I'm loving her tenderness
She's gasping for more

Her nipple recieves a kiss
It's too much to measure
I can feel her loving this
She's moaning with pleasure

She feels like she could faint
As I gently suckle her
Her loving feelings paint
A picture that starts to blur

She wouldn't have me stop
I see her look at me
I feel my heart hop
It's pure joy I see

Her nipple's freed from my face
Downwards my mouth goes
I wrap her tummy with lace
That my sweet tongue sows

I let my tongue tease
An enjoyable game
She's spitting out pleas
She's yelling my name

I give her what she needs
She brushes my hair
On her walls, my tongue feeds
It's so much to bear

I gently suckle her globe
She climaxes from my tongue
Her mouth gives a silent ode
To cries of passion, unsung

She basks in her glow
She gasps with delight
Oh, the happiness I know
I could hold her all night

I know that true love
Really is meant to be
It's for everyone, to shine and glow
Even for girls like me