Well, as they say, 'all good things must come to an end.'

I guess I've already reached that end.

Brown Eyes started because a friend of mine asked me if I could write something for her. It was her favorite song…so you could say the first chapter was based on her experiences (some of them, anyway).

It was my first original story. And my first time to use a song to tell a story.

That happened two years ago. (In case anyone is wondering, I never planned on continuing Brown Eyes. The first chapter was suppose to be the whole story.)

But then, my friend really liked it so for her birthday, I decided that my gift to her would be to continue the story.

And because I wanted to see if it was any good, I decided to post it here.

I never expected that anyone would actually like it. And to think that almost all of you who had read it could actually relate to the characters is very…interesting.

For those wondering about Lei, he's a made-up character. The guy girls always dreamed of, the ideal prince charming.

Same for Kelly as well. She was the other woman but we all tend to hate the other woman. I guess I just wanted something different. So instead of hating her, why can't we like her?

As for him, he's every girl's first love…first crush…first boyfriend…but not necessarily the last. Because sooner or later, there's bound to be someone out there more perfect for you and when you meet that someone, that's the time you realize it's forever.

And I…I is the part of us who is sometimes stupid or an idiot when it comes to love. The one willing to sacrifice everything for the one she loves. The one who tends not to see what is right in front of her the whole time…until it's too late.

And sometimes, there's nothing we can do about it. So don't be like I…if you were given the chance, take it. Because you never know what will happen next.

Thank you for reading Brown Eyes and thank you for the support all of you have given me in this story.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks:

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Thank you to all of you and to those not mentioned, I still thank you for reading my story.

Before I forget, all the songs used here belong to the composers who wrote them and the singers who sang them.

And…just out of curiosity…what was your favorite chapter/s? Personally, mine was I Honestly Love You and For You I Will. Mainly because they were different from what I was used to.

And, another thing, would you like me to make a sequel? With the girl and boy on the last chapter, I mean.

Again, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of you.