Authors note: - It continues! And Stuff...

"So, tell us what were you planning on doing with those girls?" The police officer said in a soft almost friendly voice. He was sitting across the table from John, smoking a cigarette and looking none threatening.

His partner stalked about the room like an angry tiger, watching John with cold dark eyes. He'd been silent so far but his manners suggested it was an unwilling silence. John knew what they were doing. They were playing good cop, bad cop, trying to put him off his guard and get him to say something incriminating. If he'd actually done something wrong it would have worked.

John fidgeted with his unlit cigarette and watched the irate officer pace around him. He finally turned to the one sitting across from him and repeated what he'd been saying since getting arrested. "I'm just their babysitter..."

"Stop playing around and tell the truth!" The previously silent cop thundered shoving his face in John's. "Just tell us what you did to them you sick pervert!"

He shrunk back into his chair with a whimper, unused to being yelled at. The other officer held up his hand. "Calm down Jim, we can't beat a confession out of him."

"I would call my lawyer but I didn't do anything wrong." John mumbled sitting back up as the officer moved away from him.

"Like a scumbag like you would have a lawyer." Jim sneered in John's direction.

"I do." He protested weakly. "I just don't have any reason to call him. Since I didn't do anything wrong."

Jim leaned over John bearing his teeth like an angry dog. "Just tell us the truth you little bastard! You were planning on raping those little girls and burying them in your backyard!"

John jerked away from him and yelled in a near panicked voice. "I would never do such a thing! If those girls got so much as a scratch their father would kill me!"

"Why don't you just calm down, smoke that cigarette and tell us what happened." The friendly cop said in a soothing voice.

John twitched nervously and looked down at his cigarette. "I don't have a lighter; you guys took it from me."

"My names Will by the way." The nice officer said sliding over a disposable lighter.

"Thanks Will." John said taking the lighter. "Just as Morragon... She'll tell the truth." He said while lighting up.

"We're just focusing on you. We got a psychiatrist talking to the girls right now. If you're telling the truth I'm sure they'll say so." Will said offhandedly.

Down the hall...

Lilly munched happily on the jelly donut the psychiatrist had offered her. Bella was still staring at hers like she expected it to be poisoned. Morragon was ignoring them all and reading her book.

"What are you reading?" The psychiatrist asked with a gentle smile.

Morragon lifted her head and stared at the suit wearing woman with a frown. "My family's book."

"That's a very unusual looking book. It looks very old." She leaned across the table and didn't give up on smiling at her.

"My great-great-grandfather made it. So yes, it's very old." Morragon replied in a deadpan voice.

"Mrs. Ellard can I have a soda?" Lilly asked in a soft shy voice.

"You don't have to call me that, you can just call me Susan." She put more effort into the smile she gave Lilly.

"Ok, may I have a drink Susan?" Lilly smiled back.

"Sure." Susan turned towards on of the officers in the room and said. "Can you get Lilly here a soda."

He nodded. "Anyone else want something?"

Morragon raised her hand but said nothing. Bella nodded and took a bite out of her donut. The officer nodded and walked out of the room grumbling. Susan shifted her attention back to Morragon.

"So, tell me about your family?" She asked with a great deal of interest.

"They're all dead." Morragon snapped turning a page.

The psychiatrist looked startled. "But aren't you three sisters?"

"She's adopted." Lilly said reaching for another donut.

"Were blood sisters." Bella announced motioning to herself and Lilly, her first words since getting to the police station.

"Oh..." Susan said frowning briefly. "So tell me about your new family then."

"Alright." Morragon said sitting up and closing the book, placing it on the table before her. "Our father is Elwyn. He's a bodyguard. Nightshade is our mother and she doesn't work."

"So a stay at home mom?" Susan asked.

"I guess you can call her that." Morragon said with a shrug.

"That is when she's home." Lilly said while chewing on another donut.

"Does she leave you alone a lot?" Susan frowned again, this time it lasted longer.

"Not alone. Just gets us babysitters." Lilly shrugged. "We have a lot of different babysitters. And sometimes Dad comes over and watches us."

"Comes over?" She said with a raised eyebrow. "Are your parents divorced?"

"No, they just live in separate apartments." Lilly shrugged.

"Oh... So how long has this man had you three?" Susan kept her voice casual as she steered the conversation more towards business.

"A few hours." Morragon said with a little yawn. "Mom would probably have come for us around dawn, or sent Dad."

"So he's really your babysitter?" Susan looked puzzled now.

"Yeah, Lilly just yelled at the police officer because John wouldn't take us to a movie." Morragon said giving her sister a withering glare. Lilly ignored it and kept eating donuts.

"That's not a very nice thing to do." Susan said sternly looking at Lilly with a frown. "He could have gotten in a lot of trouble. Lying is bad."

"I know." She said shrugging. "I was just mad at him."

Susan groaned and rubbed her forehead. She tuned towards the remaining officer in the room and said. "You might as well go and tell them to let him go."

He nodded and left as the other cop walked in with three cans of soda. The returning officer raised an eyebrow to Susan as he handed the drinks over to the girls.

"Oh it just turns out that Lilly here was lying and that man is actually their babysitter." She explained with a heavy sigh. "I bet your parents aren't going to be very happy with you." She said to Lilly.

"Yeah, you're in trouble." Bella said smirking at Lilly.

"Shut up!" Lilly said shoving her sister.

Bella shoved back. "You shut up!"

Morragon rolled her eyes and returned to her book. "Brats." She muttered.

"You're the brat for telling on me!" Lilly yelled reaching around her sister to punch Morragon on the arm.

Morragon threw her book onto the table and climbed over Bella who screamed in displeasure then tackled Lilly to the floor. The two tumbled around the floor kicking, biting and hitting each other. Bella leaped onto the two and joined in the fight. Susan jumped to her feet.

"Children stop fighting!" She rushed over and attempted to pry them apart but quickly pulled away shaking her hand. "She bit me!"

"Which one?" The remaining officer said walking over.

"I don't know!" She clutched her hand to her chest then looked down at it. "I'm bleeding!"

The door opened and John stepped in. "Bella! Lilly! Morragon!"

The three girls stopped and looked up at him from various positions in the pile. "Hi John!" Lilly said cheerfully from under Bella.

"I'm surprised you're happy to see me." He said frowning at her.

She struggled out from under her sister and ran up to him and hugged his legs. "I'm sorry I got you in trouble John."

"I'm not falling for that Lilly." He said sternly even though his hearted melted as soon as she hugged him.

Morragon and Bella stood up, dusting themselves off. He glanced over at them and sighed. "So, now that this fun little adventure is over... Can we go home?"

"Whatever." Bella said taking her soda and walking towards the door.

Jim, who had followed John, nodded. "Yeah you guys can go, and sorry about yelling at you."

John shrugged. "That's ok. I guess I can understand where you're coming from."

Morragon retrieved her book and walked over to John. Lilly took his hand and began to drag him out. "Let's go!"

He sighed and allowed the child to drag him away. "Sorry for all the trouble officers!"

They watched him go and collectively shook their heads. "Suddenly I feel sorry for the guy." Susan said eyeing her bleeding hand. "Little monsters."

*                      *                      *