Key To Your Heart.

Chapter 1

Summary: The life of two university students as they discover they are perfect for each other.

Rating: R. Contains Slash.

@}--;--- ---;--{@

"..she gave you everything she ha-ad.. but she was young and dumb, she'd just turned twenty-one,"

The slightly out of tune singing could be heard clearly echoing off the walls of the crowded hallway. The bouncy tune mingled with the swish of a floor-length leather coat, combat trousers and 'New Rocks' along with the general background noise of university students.

"'re such a delicate boy. In the hysterical realm, of an emotional landslide.."

The lanky, taller that average figure walked along in time with the music on his headphones. His dyed shiny black hair obscured his vision, long bangs hiding one side of his face completely.

". . . because you look just like a girl,.. "

Jade green eyes a stark contrast to his pale skin, set in pretty effeminate features and lined with black kohl. His too tight shirt proclaimed to all the world that nobody knew he was a lesbian but none of this drew much attention from the student body he was effortlessly bouncing through. No. Half a year in to their courses they had plenty of time to get used to Brett Anders and his uniqueness.

" hold a candle, in your heart.."

-Hey Brett!

Rita was graced with a careless wave and a lopsided smile, as Brett walked passed without stopping.

-Hey, what's up!

Similar response was given to Tyriqe. He could have stopped to explain that he was running late for a lecture and would catch up later, but that would be redundant because everyone knew Brett and Brett was always in a hurry to get to his morning philosophy class.

-Oi! Nancy boy! Nice shirt!!

Now, everyone knowing Brett didn't necessarily mean everyone liked him. He always went out of his way to befriend people but Harry and his lackeys along with a few other random individuals had deep seated prejudices that a smile couldn't erase.

A smile is what they got though, along with the immaculately lacquered middle finger as Brett turned a corner.

While never one to start a fight he was too much of as extrovert to ever just stand there and take it. This often lead to him good naturally trying to help other people in similar situations. He didn't understand the concept of laying low that some of the 'unique individuals' [read: freak, social reject.] seemed to cling to, and his efforts were often described as 'sticking your nose in where it don't belong'. This was easily forgiven though, his heart was always in the right place.


Livingston university had a student body of approximately one and a half thousand, half of whom were mature students taking evening classes.

The other half were in a permanent state of disorganized frenzy, but only half of those cared or noticed this. The other half could be counted on to show up for the occasional lecture, spending the rest of their days in the 'Pink Panther'. [coffee house cum bar by day, nightclub by err, night.].

About two hundred other students were heading for a morning lecture along with Brett and about fifty of them were going to philosophy 101 in about as much of a hurry as a funeral march.

Not that the lecture was boring. Mr. Parker was a good teacher. Their progress was hindered by the fact that a university students day doesn't officially start until two p.m., having ended at five a.m. the previous night.

For this reason the effervescent and downright bouncy Brett stuck out so much among his peers. Not the only reason by far, but it was the most annoying. How could he be so chirpy at 11am? It wasn't natural. His endless chatter ensured that no one sat within a five meter radius of him.

Just why he was sooo happy to be there at this ungodly hour remained a closely guarded secret. This was Bretts' only morning class, and were it not for a miraculous coincidence [*] he would be just as listless as the rest of his classmates.

-Oh, here it comes...

Sally groaned not bothering to keep her voice down. Brett got bored of sitting by himself [as ever after only ten seconds] and was making his way over to a group of his friends.

-Morning Sal!!

He sat in her lap forcing a giggle out of the petite blonde girl.

-Get off 'a me you oaf!

She squealed, making everyone laugh.

Brett had that effect on people. Well most people. As the conversation bounced from topic to topic (invariably coming back to the absence of coffee every two minutes) Bretts' mind began to wonder.

The reason for this, known only to himself, had just walked in to the room. The chatter died down after that as the mysterious figure was followed closely by Mr. Parker who decided to start the lecture.

Wearing a heavy looking blue overcoat, combat boots and a mop of shaggy black hair that completely obscured his down turned face Gabriel was right on time as always.


Hello random student of Livingstone University, please describe Gabriel Keller:

Gabriel who? Quiet. Keeps to himself. Kinda' weird. Didn't he eat a live bat one time?

Ok, so if you asked Jari what he thought of president Bush he'd ask weather the man ate '...a live bat one time?'. He was a prime example of the lucky ten percent. [Lucky ten percent: see also: pot head, junky, person living in their own world only slightly influenced by actual events taking place in reality thanks to exotic pharmaceuticals.]

But, the picture was clear. This, along with some other random facts was the only thing known about Gabriel.

To those who wanted to know more [Namely, Brett] further information could be found in his student file.

Name: Gabriel Keller

DOB: 17/01/82

Nationality: Other

Academic Record: [Abridged version] Straight fucking A's in school, no college record but university entry exam is similarly spotless.

Course: Literature and minor in philosophy.

Extra curricular activities: None.

Bretts' numerous attempts to talk to his equally reclusive group of 'friends' yielded less information than would be gained by repeatedly bashing ones head against a wall.

That's not to say they weren't cooperative. No. In fact one might be left with the impression that they knew less about Gabriel than he did. Apparently their friendship didn't rely heavily on actual conversation, as the only time Brett [or anyone] heard Gabriel talk in length is when he was asked a direct question by a lecturer.

Two hours later, just as half of the class was lulled to sleep, the lecture came to an end. No comment from Gabriel as usual apart from a listless 'hi' in reply to Bretts' over enthusiastic greeting on the way out.

[*] - miraculous coincidence: It turned out Gabriel was in Bretts' Psychology class. Brett was ecstatic. Gabriel was oblivious.