Autumn's Soul

By: Jessica Dobrzykowski

©2003 Edena-Tala

It is sure to melt into the wind

To mold a perfect harmony

In sequence with the calming sun

Prepare to die in seamless time

For night so quickly comes

Thick blanket made of golden brown

With specks of red likened to blood

Things begin to settle down

As the breeze morphs into wind

You will see my true being

Slowly you can comprehend

How much this means to life

Death is merely a threat of time

For life will rise again

My season is just to remind

For once life begins to flourish

And trees begin to shine

I creep around the corner

And smite life of everything unprepared

My wrath doesn't miss a single soul

Bears begin to hibernate

Underneath a pale gray moon

Bones of trees stand all alone

Un-providing of shelter

While the wolf howls it's sorrowful tune

Soon snow will come upon this land

And bury everything alive

The famine of a sea of white

Confuses life's simple mind

Winter surely finishes the job

I have an autumn's fiery soul

It won't ever leave me be

I'm torn to choose forever more

My heart cries out for speckled gold

While my mind screams no more