Killer's Shelf; Instruction

By: Jessica Dobrzykowski

©2003 Edena-Tala

Maybe you should sacrifice

A little time to me

It would help our relationship suffice

To something it shouldn't be

Avoid the need to jump and fly

With internal self control

Watch the ever darkening sky

Emit an eerie glow

Blood dries around the corners

Of your ever taunting maze

Do not succumb to mourners

Lest your vision is a haze

Feed only on what lies ahead

Drink only from the fear

Before your heart turns into lead

Death will inevitably lurk near

My cause in fate is malicious

Though I tend to disagree

Torment is by far delicious

Ignoring the constant plea

I once said I had an autumns soul

How wrong it was for you

For death was not my ultimate goal

You need not expect a distinct clue

So gather up what is expected

Do not be late with greed

Though this cannot be respected

With every single aching need

My tragedy draws swiftly by

Flutters around my mind

Do not fear, I will not die

This life can be very kind

And so you understand my aim

To destroy what cannot live

Success in this infinite game

Until you one day give

Now wipe your fresh, unjust blood clean

Depart from fate itself

Forget all I have said that's mean

And take your place upon my killer's shelf