Nothing Lasts Forever, I Guess…



LR – *sighs* This is just a lil poem I decided to write, or rather 'type'. Anyway, I've been feelin' crappy lately about something personal, so I guess you can consider this as a way of "speaking my mind." If you think this poem is nothing but words and not a poem, just go ahead and flame me or whatever. I just thought I needed to get my mind off of things for awhile, so yeah…




Nothing lasts forever, I guess,

Even the best of friends,

Whether you lose touch over the years,

Or lose touch over a petty argument,

In someway, you know that that friendship won't last forever.

Even the smallest lie can cut through,

The delicate thread that keeps friends together.


But whose to blame?

Your friends, or yourself?

Either way, it's all the same outcome, don't you think?

You are no longer friends.

Now that that friendship is gone,

What is left?

Nothing, but a big, fat hole in your life,

And the regret that you have for breaking that simple, yet complicated bond,

Between yourself and your friends.

Makes you want to go back in time and change things,

Back to the way they are, huh?


But what's past, is past,

And what's to come, is coming.

You may never speak, or see them again,

And to know that, it tears you apart, doesn't it?

Or if you're one of those lucky people,

Wouldn't it tear you to pieces?

It's torn me apart, and I can never do anything about it,

Because I know I'll never be the same "me" again,

And I know that regret will still follow,

Whether we are back together of not.

Like I said, nothing lasts forever, I guess.

My relationship with my friends didn't,

Neither did I, but my remorse sure did.




LR – Well there you have it…a poorly written poem, by a crazed Digimon fan (who is at the moment, depressed). Please review…