A Clash t-shirt, clown shoes, and a kiss

"All the young punks laugh your life, cos there ain't much to cry for, all the young cunts live it now, cos there ain't much to die for." – THE CLASH

On the way home from school one day Sugar grabbed Til from behind and steered him towards the subway station. They took the trains downtown and got out in front of a long skinny store full of rhinestones and band t-shirts.

Sugar made Til try on a Clash t-shirt over his tattered sweater because he was a diehard fan. When he looked in the jeweled mirror he saw his face. But the big scared eyes didn't look so scared anymore, and his tiny pinched frown had turned into a toothy grin. Next to him Sugar modeled some sparkly jewelry. She smiled. Before they left the store Til hid his tattered sweater in his knapsack and bit the tag off his new shirt. Sugar's rhinestones glittered in the late September sun. Til couldn't remember ever having been happier. They continued down the street, arm in arm.

They stopped and bought mango shakes in an Indian restaurant then crowded among kids in spike bracelets outside where you could pay a booth to maybe o=put you on tv.. Sugar took some money out of her Emily purse, put it in the grimy slot, and pulled in Til. Suddenly Til felt small again. The camera stared at him with its grimy glass encased lens.

Sugar introduced them. "This is Til my very cool best friend. He just bought a Clash shirt. He has been an underground Clash fan his whole life. But today is his first day coming out." she laughed as Til blushed. "He's not gay. He is my lovely almost maybe boyfriend." And she kissed him on the cheek then smiled glamorously at the camera as their time ran out. T

Til wondered if Sugar was his girlfriend. She had said she almost was. But he never thought she wanted him as her boyfriend. And he wasn't sure he even wanted a girlfriend.

Nevertheless they continued down the street until they reached Sugar's favorite shoe store and bought matching fuzzy clown shoes. Then they took the streetcar up and home.