Chapter twenty: D day

"Took you long enough," Minerva teased, once she saw a fatigued Michael pedal through the clearing.

"I didn't think I would be breaking a sweat in this kind of manner on a date," Michael cunningly shot back, as he got off his bike and sprawled onto the grass.

"You're such a baby!" Minerva stated as she walked over to him. Looking down, she said, "And don't think I missed that implication, you sly dog."

Michael grinned, the simple action causing the butterflies to pleasantly flutter in Minerva's stomach.

"So, is there a purpose for this impromptu adventure through the rough terrain of Mt Layton?" he questioned. He patted the spot next to him, gesturing to Minerva to lie down on the grass, to which she happily obliged. She was a bit tired from the trek. It had been a while since she came last here, and she'd forgotten how tough the trail could be.

"Of course," Minerva finally replied. She looked at him, "This is my second favourite place."

Michael sat up. "That's it?" he said flatly, briefly looking around at their surroundings, unimpressed with the lofty oak trees and dense shrubs that enclosed the clearing they were in. He then finally looked down at her, and Minerva noticed the glint in his eye.

Minerva chuckled, sitting up so she was eye level with him.

"What? You hoped that I did this to get you all hot and sweaty so that I might just get to see you take off your shirt?" Minerva played along, feeling particularly brave.

Michael laughed.

"You're full of surprises today, aren't you? First the spontaneity, then the bike riding and now…you're making me feel cheap."

"Well, I'm surprised I don't mind being spontaneous anymore. Secondly, my dad's bike, which you're using, has been in need of repair for a few years now, and as for you being cheap? I'm sure MasterCard will be calling you tomorrow about you featuring in their new priceless ad." Minerva then stood up and placed her hands on her hips. "So now that you're well rested and feeling much better, self esteem wise anyway, I want you to get up and come with me," she said pulling at his arm encouragingly.

"Why?" Michael asked, as he remained sprawled on the grass, refusing to budge.

"So, you can see why this is my second favourite place," she replied, still tugging at his arm. "C'mon, get up."

"Alright," he finally relented and got up.

Minerva flashed him a triumphant grin. She grabbed his hand lightly and, in response, Michael slid his fingers through her's. Minerva took a moment to relish how nice it felt to have their fingers entwined, before she led him through a small gap between the dense shrubs that enclosed the shaded clearing they had been in.

They finally arrived in another clearing. They were standing on a cliff, with the cool breeze blowing blissfully around their tired bodies, the warm afternoon sun beaming down on them. The impressed expression on Michael's face when he took in the spectacular view that was visible before them caused Minerva to gleam proudly.

"So, who knew there was more to Mt Layton than rough terrain and snooty mansions," Michael remarked.

Minerva stepped on his foot, in response.

"Relax. I can see why you are quite taken with this place."

She had learned that Michael had never visited Mt Layton before, so Minerva thought today would be an excellent opportunity to show him around.

"It's isolated too, not many people know about this place and you can't hear Yasmin's shrieking from here. If I'm not feeling particularly lazy, and if the weather permits, I come up here to think. And if I get tired of thinking, I've got the view to admire."

She glanced below, where the beautiful, gothic sandstone buildings of her old alma mater once stood, now just roofless, charred remains. She hoped that one day, St. Veronica's would reopen, she did miss the place, every now and then, usually when she was in the presence of Quinn.


But she couldn't say that she really missed the place terribly, because if she did, she wouldn't have met Michael.

It was then she realised that her hand was still firmly entwined with Michael's. A little too tight for Minerva's liking, but she wasn't going to complain. She then glanced at him and noticed a bead of sweat, forming on his temple. Her puzzled expression was left unnoticed by Michael, whose focus was on the view, a solemn look on his face.

Dismissing Michael's peculiar demeanour, her gaze drifted towards the horizon, where the outline of the multi-sized skyscrapers could be clearly seen. After Michael had arrived, her father had left for the city for work. Working on the weekend usually bothered Minerva, but today was an exception. She didn't have to worry about him spying on them. He was horribly embarrassing and rather intrusive - she wouldn't put it past her overprotective father to engage in that kind of devious activity.

"I've come up with another reason why I like this place," she said, to break the silence, shooting a cunning look Michael. With his attention now focused on her, she continued, "I realise this is an excellent place for first dates."

He managed to smile, "You plan on having more here?"

"Maybe," Minerva teased.

"Just make sure you don't double book."

"Haha, I was just thinking practical. If this date went terribly bad, I could have just pushed you off the cliff, where a colony of poison ivy awaits to cushion the fall."

Michael paled slightly at her comment.

What's going on with him?

"Are you allergic to poison ivy?" Minerva asked.

"No," Michael replied. He gave her another small smile and said, "You like me too much to push me off a cliff."

"Yeah sad, isn't it?" Minerva remarked, observing him closely.

He grinned, however it seemed toned down, "Is it safe to assume that this afternoon hasn't gone terribly bad?"

"So far."

What's wrong Michael? She wanted to ask him, concerned.


She refused to worry about things that she could possibly be imagining or overanalysing.

She shook her head, to clear it.

"You know, if you're still tired, we can sit down," Minerva suggested, as she gestured towards a tree log close to the cliff ledge.

Minerva raised an eyebrow, when a flashing look of pure apprehension adorned Michael's face.

"Uh no, that's alright. I'm cool with standing here," he replied, a trace of uneasiness evident in his voice.

At his continued odd behaviour, her concern was slowly being overshadowed by the horror that Michael's mysterious problem could actually be her, possibly something she had done.

She hadn't said anything bad, had she?

And it couldn't have been that awful - he was still holding her hand.

So why was he acting so…scared?

Minerva was too distracted, that she didn't see Michael studying her, somewhat concerned himself.

"Hey Minerva, the sun must not be good for your sunburn, we should go back to the other clearing."

Still distracted, she let Michael lead her through the shrubs, and back to the shady clearing.

Minerva had actually forgotten how much her sunburn hurt, she was having too much fun, and she had dressed accordingly, her loose, purple cotton tee nicely covered her redden shoulders which had been earlier smothered with aloe gel.

Michael, why are you acting all…

Her thought trailed off when she noticed Michael once again sprawled out on the grass, a relaxed, content look on his face.


Was she just imagining the last ten minutes? Did she take him to the cliff?

"So what's your favourite place?" Michael asked, breaking the silence.

She wasn't imagining.

And the tone of his voice was back to normal, laidback and friendly.

Michael must have seen the perplexed look on her face, since she heard him say, "You said that the cliff was your second favourite place."

Minerva looked at him for a moment, trying to justify to herself that since he was back to his usual self that she could assume that she hadn't done anything wrong.

So stop freaking out and overanalysing and just relax.

If there was a time to stop thinking too much, it was now.

"My room," she finally answered, sitting down beside him.

"I'm not special enough?" he then asked, grinning.

Feeling relaxed again, Minerva managed to roll her eyes.

"You are, which is why I took you here instead. My room is guarded by a man, otherwise known as my father. And if he is feeling particularly lazy with that duty, he has many connections because of his profession that wouldn't mind doing dirty work for him."

Minerva laughed when she saw Michael wince. She actually knew the reason for that display.

"Is your father like that with every guy you associate with?"

Michael had the bad luck of having her father open the door when he arrived, and subjected to his infamous interrogating, which must have been rather intimidating considering her father was a lawyer.

"…Yeah, unfortunately. You should see him around Justin. That infamous cold piercing stare becomes a… freezing stab."

"And that makes me feel slightly better. It must be a pretty big deal if your dad gets along with a guy who's interested in you or Yasmin."

Minerva bit her lip.

So she hadn't been completely honest with Michael.

She didn't want to mention how her father and Quinn got along at the charity ball. Mainly because she refused to think of anything that concerned that jerk, let alone talk about him, today. Anyway, her father probably had too much scotch that night, hindering his sense of judgement. So that odd occurrence wasn't even worth mentioning to Michael. And, also, to be technical, Quinn wasn't interested in her, he couldn't be… maybe he was before, unless he was pretending. He most likely was. His only interest back then was to get into her pants….which he did rather successfully.


The only thing Quinn was interested in now, in regards to her, was pissing her off, which he also did quite successfully.

Michael didn't need to hear one of her Quinn rants, it was rather old news, and besides they were on a date. And even though she hadn't been on many, she was sure that bitching about another guy, who happens to be best friends with your date, was a big no no.

Okay, the 'thoughts about Quinn' quota has exceeded its daily… scrap that… annual limit.

Luckily, Michael didn't know her well enough to know what she looked like when she felt guilty, and mistook her guilty face as one of discomfort, which wouldn't be entirely false.

Thanks Quinn.

"Hey, you alright?"

"Oh, I'm fine… it's just my sunburn. It's a good thing that you took me back here, the sun was getting rather irritating."

A little white lie.

She didn't want to explain to Michael why she was thinking about Quinn.

Anyway, it's not like she was having dirty thoughts.

Besides, her sunburn did hurt.

For justification, she lightly tugged at the sleeve of her cotton tee, and hissed when the stinging slightly intensified.

Noticing the concerned look on Michael's face, she sheepishly added, "I probably should've worn a shirt yesterday, huh?"

"I'm glad you didn't."

Minerva frowned at his response.

"You look hot in a bikini," he said, boldly.

Minerva could just feel the blush creeping onto her cheeks.

And like usual, whenever she blushed, Michael laughed.

"Why is it, whenever I'm with you, I'm always embarrassing myself?"

"I thought it was your nature," he teased.

Minerva glared at him in response.

He chuckled, before he put his hands up, as if he were surrendering, "Alright. If it makes you feel better," Michael paused, "…I hate heights."

And the light bulb in Minerva's head lit up.

She couldn't believe that she hadn't figured it out on her own, when it was so freaking apparent.

She didn't know whether to be relieved, or to laugh, or to hit him.

Minerva slapped his arm as hard as she could.

"What was that for?" he asked, surprised, as he rubbed the arm that she had slapped.

"That's for making me freak out!"

"Freak out?"

"Yes! I thought you're weird behaviour was because I did or said something offensive. Honestly, what is it with guys and their stupid need to be macho and fearless?"

"I'm sorry, for making you freak out," he sincerely apologised.

Minerva sighed, "Fine. I accept your apology." She then grinned, "So heights, huh?"

"Yes," Michael confirmed, grimly.

Oh, let the mocking begin…

"That's so cute!"


"You were pretty bad at hiding it." Minerva commented.

Michael reluctantly nodded in agreement.

Minerva laughed.

"So that's why you didn't want to go near the edge? As I recall now, your face did resemble one's reaction to eating a cockroach when I suggested it." She then added, "Thanks. Now I know two things that make you squirm. This seems to be a very educational outing."

"I shouldn't be surprised that you're amused."

"I'm going to mock all I want, consider it your debt."

"I know what my senior project for physics will be now, a time machine," he grumbled.

Minerva chuckled.

"So, what's your worst experience involving you and heights? The Ferris wheel?"

"I'm being belittled." Michael said, trying to sound hurt. "My sixteenth birthday. It was the first time I ever got completely smashed and Quinn thought it'd be funny if he let me sleep it off at the top of the old water tower in town. I don't know how the hell he got me up there, but I had quite a rude awakening. And he filmed the whole thing." Michael shuddered.

Minerva would have laughed, but since it involved Quinn, she refused to.

"Some best friend," she commented.

"It takes a lot more for me to be mad at him. And it's been a lifelong tradition to play pranks on each other on our birthday, well, since we could walk and talk."

"You and Quinn share the same birthday?" Minerva questioned, surprised.


Minerva didn't know that. This was an educational outing, indeed.

"What prank are you planning for your eighteenth?" she curiously asked.

"It's already passed."

"It has? When?"

"Last week."

"What! It was your birthday last week and you didn't tell me!" Minerva exclaimed. Glaring at him suspiciously, she added, "You didn't have a party and purposely not invite me, did you? Although I wouldn't blame you if you did 'cause I haven't been very easy on you. Or was it Quinn's fault?"

"There was no party. Parents are still recovering from the so called 'damage' from my back to school bash. And I couldn't tell you since I kind of skipped school that day."

"Ooh, the student body president skipped school," Minerva taunted, playfully.

"Everyone else does. If I never did then I wouldn't be representing the true student body then, now would I?"

"...Fine. So, what crazy thing did you do, other than skip school?"

He grinned, "We got tattoos."

Minerva raised an eyebrow.

She wasn't expecting that.


"Quinn and Nick."

"Isn't Nicholas still seventeen? How could he get a tattoo?"

Boy, did she sound like a goody two shoes.

"Yeah, he is. And age doesn't really matter when the tattoo place is in Mexico."

"Oh." She then added, "I've never actually been to Mexico."

"It's a cool place. And I think you would have been thoroughly amused if you were there that day. Quinn's scared shitless of needles and Nicholas discovered he was scared shitless of needles."

"I would have been," Minerva agreed, the evil part of her revelling at her newfound dirt on Quinn. "But I wasn't invited."

"Strictly no girls." He then added, "According to Quinn."

"What? Would we have been a nuisance while you guys attempted to chat up hot Mexican women?"

As soon as she said it, Minerva wished she could take it back. If Michael had the audacity to say yes to her remark, she would be so jealous.

And she hated being jealous.

"What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico," he teased.

Minerva was pretty sure he was joking, but Minerva couldn't help feeling envious. Her face probably showed it too, because Michael's cheeky grin morphed into a smile that was reassuring.

Michael sat up. He placed a finger under her chin, and with his captivating blue eyes looking into her's, he sincerely said, "You've got nothing to worry about. I was too interested in this girl back home, that I really didn't notice any of the, as you say, 'hot Mexican women'."

It took all of Minerva's self control, not to go completely gaga. She wanted to do a happy dance, but she thought she'd let the butterflies that resided in her stomach to have the honours.

He really liked her!

He had just admitted it, even though it was in a roundabout way.

She didn't know why hearing it seemed more meaningful and believable, despite all his actions towards her, since they first met, being blatantly obvious.

She could almost squeal.

But she didn't want to give Michael another thing to laugh about.

"So, a tattoo, eh?"

She figured she should redirect the subject of conversation, so she could keep her cool.

"It's on my back."

His back?

He was not wearing a shirt yesterday at the beach and she was rather surprised she had not seen it, since she was usually observant. Either she had been too nervous about asking him out to really notice anything on his back, or she had to make an appointment with the optometrist.

"Can I see it?" Minerva asked, now curious as to what Michael had eternally imprinted on his back.

"You realise I gotta take my shirt off?"

"I've got a high melting point."

Michael chuckled as he removed his shirt.

Eyeing his toned torso, she thought absentmindedly, He could give Quinn a run for his money…


She concentrated on the black inked dragon that adorned a small portion of his right shoulder blade. And using her very minimal knowledge of Japanese, she identified what appeared to be a kanji character. The black inking contrasted nicely with his tanned skin. Before they went on their biking adventure, Minerva had found out that Michael was indeed an avid surfer. And he had promised to take her out one day, and with Minerva's inexperience with a surfboard, it was a guarantee that Minerva was going to be, once again, a source of amusement for Michael.

"What does this mean?" Minerva asked, as she ran a finger lightly over the black inked character.

"Loyalty," Michael answered. He added, "Quinn and Nick got it also."

"How romantic," she mocked.

"You won't be saying that when I tell you that Nick got it tattooed on his ass. He wanted to be original."

Minerva laughed.

Typical of Nicholas.

"I should tell Roxie about it. She's always been fascinated by tattoos."

"Then she's going to be disappointed. There won't be much to see, since that…" Michael turned his head behind him and roughly gestured with a finger towards the Japanese character, "…was the deciding factor for Nick that he didn't like needles."

"Well, what about Quinn?" Minerva asked.

A wave of horror overcame her, shocked that she was actually asking about him, considering that she couldn't care any less about him. She wasn't the only one who seemed shock, given the look Michael was giving her.

So she added with a smirk, "Did he cry?"

Rolling his eyes, Michael replied, "His stubbornness prevents him from showing or vocalising his fear of needles. I've got to admit his tattoo is the most impressive, I think he was trying to prove something. I would tell you to ask him if you could see it, but you don't like talking to him, let alone going near him."

She was briefly curious as to what tattoo Quinn got.

Only for a split second.

A nano second.

Must divert focus back to Michael….

"You know what? We should go bungee jumping," Minerva suggested with a grin.

Michael groaned.

"I'm starting to regret telling you."

"Aw, but I'm having so much fun. How often is it that I get to tease you? I'm just taking advantage until the table are turned, a.k.a when I do something embarrassing."

"Which is why we I'm going to teach you how to surf."

"Sure, after we go bungee jumping."

She wasn't going to admit to Michael that she'd rather go surfing and humiliate herself terribly, than go bungee jumping.

She was a physics student.

Law of inertia.

"You'll have to pay me a million dollars to convince me to go bungee jumping."

"Only a million?" Minerva asked.

"Make that a billion dollars," he corrected.

Damn, I thought I was winning.

"You've got to admit, it would make an interesting second date," Minerva pointed out. "We can tandem."

He shot her a questioning look.

"What? You'd rather share a bungee cord with my dad?"

"Hell no!" Michael exclaimed.

Minerva laughed.

"So, you want there to a next time?" he asked.

"I thought the simple fact that you haven't been pushed you off the cliff was a strong indication."

Michael shook his head, "You are never going to quit with the whole 'heights and your dad freaks me out' thing are you?"


"Well, instead of bungee jumping, how about the classic movie and dinner?" Michael suggested.

"Hmm, can my dad come?" Minerva asked.

She shouldn't have said that, she could jinx herself, but she couldn't help it.

She was really happy.

Michael only shook his head, trying hard not to smile.

Minerva was amazed at how high his tolerance threshold was.

But she shouldn't be so amazed considering Quinn was his best friend.

Quit it!

"Only because I like you, I'll stop."


"I'm glad that I mustered up the courage to ask you out yesterday," Minerva admitted.

"Me too."

And the Moment arrived.

Yes, 'that' Moment.

The one Minerva believed to be overexploited by every single romance novel written and movie that had ever been filmed.

As Roxie, the cheesiest and most cliché loving person she knew, would dreamily describe, the one where a guy and girl that are in 'like' happily look at one another and, while gazing into each others eyes, the guy slowly leans in towards the girl. The girl, fully aware about what was going to happen, tries so hard to not blush and calm down her rapidly beating, excited heart because she has not been kissed in a long time…by someone that the girl actually wants to lock lips with.

Usually, whenever Roxie described it, Minerva would want to gag at the cheesiness of it, but that wasn't the case at the current time since she was actually experiencing Roxie's fantasy.

He smells so good, Minerva thought when she caught a whiff of his cologne. It had the right amount of muskiness, not overpowering.

He was so close, and Minerva licked her lips in anticipation. She tilted her head and closed her eyes, and when their lips were about to touch...

"Hey, you two!" She heard a man exclaim, his British accent clearly distinct.

That was not supposed to be part of the Moment.

Michael pulled back so fast he probably experienced g-forces.

The man got off his bike, and casually asked, "What you two up to?"

Minerva would have laughed at the look of relief on Michael's face realising that it wasn't her father, but she was too busy glaring daggers at Andy, who stood there, feigning an innocent look. Her cousin grinned before saying, "I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

Boy, was she going to kill him.


"You sure know how to annoy someone at the wrong time!" Minerva shouted, entering the house. She had just walked Michael out, and watched him drive off. And since Andy was watching them like a hawk from inside, they weren't able to continue their Moment.

It was probably for the better, because the whole Moment mood was dead.




All because of Andy, her persistent, conniving, ass of a cousin who'd decided to include himself in their plans to go out to dinner and hang out.

And like hell she was going to have that boofhead tag along.

She walked to the living room, where she found Andy lounging on the couch.

He smiled, "Well, with the likely prospect of you and him locking lips – seemed like the perfect time for me."

And then it dawned upon her…

"How much?" Minerva demanded.

There was a brief moment of silence, as Andy appeared startled by her question. Trying to feign ignorance he questioned, "How much what?"

Minerva rolled her eyes at Andy's attempts to look innocent. It was nice to know that after all these years, he was still a crappy liar.

"You know very well what I'm talking about!"

"I do not."

Minerva gave him an evil stare. If only looks could kill…or in her case, make him confess.

"Alright! Alright! A grand…. and his Mercedes for a week."

"I can't believe my dad bribed you to ruin my life while he was out. And how could you accept? After all the times I lied for you when your mother would call asking where you are."

"Don't think it escaped my attention that he was not wearing a shirt! Minnie, your first time getting down and dirty should not be in a place that is literally dirty, and definitely not on a first date. It's already embarrassing and mortifying to know my own mother is 'easy', I refuse to have any of my cousins share that description!"

If only he knew that her first time getting down and dirty was in a place that could've been dirty (run off was a pretty serious issue in built settlements) and that she wasn't even on a date when it happened.

But that would be incredibly stupid.

It took all of her control from saying what she really wanted to say.

Instead, she shouted, "I'm not going to dignify that response with an answer, you hypocrite!" Lowering the volume of her voice, she then said, "And why on earth do you need his car? My dad already bought you one. Did you already crash it?"

Andy shot her an offended look.

"No. I find it much more suiting to escort a lady friend to the beach tomorrow in your father's impressive car than my SUV."

"Lady friend?" A smirk then appeared on Minerva's face, "What is Sarah going to say about this?"

She heard Andy gulp, at the mention of his ex-girlfriend, before saying stiffly, "Sarah does not care, since she broke up with me."

"Ha! So she did break up with you!" Minerva exclaimed, with a grin on her face.

She could hear Andy mutter something, most likely expletive.

"Ok, so she did," Andy admitted, dejectedly. "But that's beside the fact –"

"Whatever, Andy," Minerva said, cutting him off. "I was right, you are wrong, the end. Moving onto more important things, who is this lady friend of yours? Where did you meet her? And I'm still pissed off at you, even though I may not sound like it."

Minerva noticed Andy roll his eyes, before answering, "At the hospital. I was signing up my contract and…"


Andy grinned, "Yes, it seems like you are going to be stuck with me for a while."

"You're Layton's new obstetrician?" Minerva asked, shocked. "Oh, great!"

"Enough with the act, drama queen, I know that under that unhappy and angry exterior of yours, you are absolutely ecstatic that your beloved cousin is here to stay. Now, do you want to know about this lady friend of mine?"

Minerva sighed. "Yes I do, and I want to see why it is worth collaborating with my father to piss me off."

"Well, I was signing my contract and she was at the hospital visiting a friend in the maternity ward."

"What an interesting place to meet."

"It's more original than meeting at high school, talk about cliché. Now stop interrupting me."

Minerva glared at him.

Andy continued, "So, she succumbed to my devilish charm and before I knew it, we were in that diner across the street and chatting like old friends."

"Aww, how romantic," Minerva dryly commented.

Andy rolled his eyes.

"So what does she look like?"


"Typical. And too vague."

"Well, since you seem to know my type, why don't you describe her?"

Minerva beamed, "Knowing you, brunette, well endowed, low IQ, so you can amuse them with your supposed intelligence and exclusive title, Dr Williams."

Andy laughed. "Wrong, Minnie. This is the new Andrew Williams."

It was Minerva's turn to laugh.

"Let me guess, you've finally decided to grow up and act your age."

"If you put it that way."

"Wow, I thought you were going to act like a 17 year old forever. I'm glad you realise that twelve years has passed."

"Her name's Anne, and she's a stunner – she's got that hair colour that looks like um, copper?"

"You mean strawberry blonde?"

"Yes! Strawberry blonde hair, captivating green eyes, with legs that go on for miles…oh! And she has a nice rack."

"Now, that's the Andy we know and don't love."

"Ha ha. You'll be glad to know that she has substance, she's a science teacher, at your high school I believe."


"Wait a second! Her surname wouldn't happen to be Wetherington, would it?"

"Why, yes."

"Oh, shit."


"You didn't tell her we're related, did you?"

Andy scratched his head, obviously confused at her reaction. "Well, yeah. Anne mentioned she was a teacher at Layton High and I said, 'you and Minibe go there'. She asked me who and I told her. She told me you're one of her favourite pupils. And what's wrong with being related to me?"

This was bad. She loved her cousin, despite the fact that he annoyed her to death, but Andy was the epitome of your typical bachelor, he wasn't planning on committing to anyone of the opposite sex. On the other hand, Miss Wetherington, was approaching or already at the age when women started looking for 'The One', the one that would provide the picket fence combo. Or something like that. Minerva didn't really know. She was still a decade from having to start worrying about such things.

Her new tolerance for physics, as well as her grades, was severely jeopardised.

"You better not break her heart like you tend to do, or she'll take it out on me and I'll have no choice but to become her least favourite pupil," Minerva finally answered.

She was going to try and trust her cousin to not be ignorant and stupid.

He laughed at her. "What makes you think I intend to break her heart?"

Okay. She was going to try and trust her cousin to not be stupid.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe your track record that displays the obvious commitment phobia you suffer from?" she rhetorically asked. "Wait! I forgot you're a changed man, I must give you a chance.

But still, I swear if you…." Minerva stopped when she saw a look of hurt flash across her Andy's face, before finally hiding it with a charming smile.

Wow, she finally pissed off her cousin. She didn't know that was even possible. She started to feel guilty about poking fun at his love life.

"Thanks for your vote of confidence, dear cousin," he dryly replied. "I'd tell you to butt out of my love life, but that would make me a hypocrite. But since you're so convinced that I'm a horrible and unfeeling bastard, if I were to accidentally break her heart, what are you going to do?"

Wasn't she supposed to be mad at him?

Screw feeling guilty! This was supposed to be a good day! Just like yesterday was meant to be. But it was now ruined, thanks to her man-whore of a cousin. What was it with dark haired guys wanting to make her days crappy?

"Don't underestimate me, doc. I got the previous physics teacher fired, I can do it again." She stared at her cousin, who looked just as annoyed as she did, for a moment before stalking off.

Great, more problems to add on my already full plate.

- - -