This was [obviously] inspired by Boccacio's Decameron. I chose nine people I knew [I included myself] and emphasized their main characteristic within their individual sections. For anyone interested, here is a brief explanation of who each person really is:

Matt: Obviously, the Matt I have written endless other poems about. He's a young history teacher.

Rose: Three guesses. heh.

Lexi: She is a classmate of mine, one who I do not dislike really, but we clash about everything. She and I are complete opposites, but we do get along [sometimes]

John: Another classmate of mine. He's not a bad person, but he can be vindictive and double-crossing. Right now he and I are in an embroilment, so hence the 'liar'

Billy: Another teacher in my school [he's the Billy from the billy/McNamara stories]. He is quite short, my height actually, and it seems to bother him sometimes

Milton: My honors biology teacher, he's in his sixties and completely fascinated with science, which I admire

Tierney: One of my closest friends

David & Michael: Two other history teachers. They have a "thing" together that no one is supposed to know about but everyone does. They're both very young

Jason: My history teacher from last year, who inspired me both to study history and to write. He's not here anymore, though.

Thank you for reading