The Epic of the Lone Wanderer

The Epic Begins

There are times when you're happy, and others when you're not,

In the case of the lone wanderer, you'll just have to hold that thought,

I call upon the help of my muse, my dark side, my shadow,

For with a sad, but victorious tale you shall amuse, of the great lone wanderer,

The lone wanderer is like a dog astray on the side of the road,

Not knowing where to go or what to do,

But for whatever lies ahead of her,

Would bring her to her new revelation,

A tale of great glory, overcoming whatever was thrown at her,

Here is the beginning of the story, in which you have yet to hear,

The lone wanderer went through many struggles, from the close-to-losing-a-mother incident,

To the big leap into middle school, as well as losing touch with friends,

So I call upon you, my dark side, to help me revive the saga of the lone wanderer,

You be my guide, and I shall follow…