I am a cell

A structure of life

I'll tell you my components

And what they all do
First off
I have ATP

It and the mitochondria

Make energy

The cell membrane

Is my buddy too

It covers me

To protect me and you

Then there's a cytoplasm

Which is much like clear jelly

It fills me up

Like food in your belly

The e.r are passageways

They're close like good brothers

Taking proteins

From one part to the other

There is a golgi body

But despite its odd name

It carries through mail

Out of my membrane

I have lysosome

There aren't many in plants

It breaks down your food

With much of a chance

Ah, then there's my nucleus

My "control center" or "brain"

It gives me chromatin

From it, instructions I gain

But the nucleus needs

Protection too

And this is what its membrane

Is assigned to do

Tiny structures

Where proteins are made

These are ribosomes

They do that everyday

A vacuole

Is like a water balloon

Holding in water

Inside of you

I also have chromosomes

Honest, I say

They contain protein

Along with DNA

My friend the plant cell

Has parts to it too

Now, I'll show these exclusives
And what they all do
The cellulose cell wall

Is sturdy and strong

Around a plant cell's membrane

It lasts very long

There's one more component

Exclusive to plant cells

It's the chloroplast

Where photosynthesis happens so well

This is a cell

And all of my parts

It's like a puzzle

In your body, like arts

I'll keep you feeling

Oh, so great

If bodily care

You do demonstrate

I am complex

Through my twists and bends

I hope you learned much

'Cause this is the end