Wish List:

What goes through a Childs mind as a child when picked on.

A boy walks into school daily with pair of cheap jeans, and school hoodie sweatshirt, and a pair of the old shoes, yet no one notices him. He is that kid who eats alone at lunch; he is that kid who everyone picks one. Not one person can honestly say that they never noticed this child. This child is the kid who will one day be one of two things, a school shooter who makes nation wide news because he brings a gun to school, BANG BANG BANG, kills the kids who year after year sat there laughing at him because he never talked, or because he never matched, or because they did not understand him. Everyday is like a hell moving from class to class hearing the derogatory statements, feeling the eyes follow him around the halls. His only wish is to die. He believes everything that is told to him, he is nothing; he will never get anyone to love him.

Than there is the kid, who lets it all just go by, but wishes that he could have his vengeance. So instead of going on a spree he sits down at the desk in his room, with a little light, a short pencil, and a notebook. The smell of marijuana travels through out the house. He looks at the paper, and picks up the pencil with only a few words he stops and reads. Seeing what he wrote was pretty good he begins to do more, and more until his hand cannot move anymore. When he is finished, he turns it in for a grade to a teacher as a wish list. The teacher reads this, seeing that there is problems, she asks him to come to her desk, the discuss the problems. Over the years his writing improves the hate is still there, but confined to only a few words. Finally in ninth grade a teacher comes across his work on the net, she reads it and realizes that this is one of his students. He prints it out, and quickly goes to the guidance office. He shows the counselor the work. The family is called in for a conference, it turns out that the years of ridicule have paid off. Both of the teachers find this work more than average. But yet another problem a raises, everyone is now picking on him because he has brains.

In short there is nothing no one can do to escape the torture of the poor kid in a semi-rich community, every kid has a WISH LIST of things they could do to those who are a hard obstacle, it is all how we deal with it. Life is not like this for everyone, but this is just a personal opinion, and a somewhat of a personal issue. On what it is like.