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Unknown love will never survive
It was a day I knew was going to be weird, I had a feeling I would meet someone, somewhere but of course it was today.
**a couple weeks before Halloween**

I don't want to get a Halloween outfit for my sister Tuesdays Halloween family party thing, I rolled my eyes, I feel like such a dork right now, I mean don't get me wrong I love my family and my Evil Nephews all under eight and all but bobbing for apples? Pin the tail on the scary CAT?! I swear I' am going to scream, but today I was going to get my outfit I sighed and looked in the mirror my blue, green eye looked back at me, with loneness filling each one sighing again I push my hair and I' am off with my mom and dad..this was going to be a long day.

I think I 'am going to hurl I thought to myself bitterly, I hate cars and I hate driving in the back set, my mom and dad carry on about something that I really rather not say, I glance at my game boy color and close my eyes I feel a headache coming on.

But finally we made it, I walked up to the store that had a big sign over the build that said "Big Party" feeling my headache slowly coming back as I saw kids running in the store I glance up to the sun light sky, I just wanted to go back home and crawl under the cover but seeing my parents walking in a go with them.
AHHHHHHH I screamed in my head I couldn't find anything I liked! But when I saw a witch's dress I looked at it, and sight I could work with this I told my mom and she said I needed a hat so we walk over to the witch's hat and I took one off one the shelf and walked over to a small fell length mirror.

Putting the hat on I looked at myself, of course I scowled before I turned to my left my eyes widen to see JOSH?!?!?! He shyly walked over to me I quickly take the damn hat off and blush ten times then a normal person could ever do, and to make matter worse my parent came to talk to him! They talked about church and stuff I focused on how great carpet is, but when I did look up I saw him glancing at me, I blush Hundred times more when I see him walking away to find he's mom and brother.

Once he was out of sight I sighed, I always had a crush him and now I couldn't even make eye contact I mentally slapped myself for being so dumb. Uh say all I could say before getting the hell out of there.
**couple weeks later**

HN Knowing you guy are wondering how the Halloween get -to-gather thing wait.HN it was okay, I looked so hot^_^ hehehe but anywhere here I 'am listening to my sister Cece talking about her problem with some of her church girls, I thought nothing of it until she came to a name that I never wanted to hear Casey, The one boy who drove me crazy at church, she said he and three others girl were doing thing and stuff I didn't want to think about, but I just thought they were dumbass's and stuff but I kept listening to be nice just because I hate being silence, right before my hole world crash down right in front of me, she told me Josh was hanging out with Casey and had change his punk self to be a prep!, I stare at her and just acted like it was nothing, but it hurt knowing the one person who you held so dear to your heart was superficial.
**mouth later**

well I never heard from him or seen him since that day, I now write poems to help my pain it helps a lot but still I find myself thinking about him when I stare at the moon thinking if he did like me and never did anything are unknown love would never survive the world.