Hi everyone!! This is the sequel of my other story, Princess Anya's decision. Which I might add is a very good romantic/fantasy story.but this one is better.
It has been 17 years since the marriage of Princess Anya and Prince Titus. They are now the King and Queen of their planet called Voin. This is their son's story!

"Your highness it's time to wake up!" says Rosalie now 33 years old. She opens the curtains and the morning light bursts in. "Oh alright Rosalie, I'm up!" said Christopher. "Good because your mother and father are waiting for you!!" She left the room. "Geez, woman, I'll never understand them!" he said. He rose from his bed, stretched and went to the closet to change. After changing he walked down the long hall to the stairs. His parents were they're waiting for him. "Good morning son" says Anya. "Good morning mother!" replies Christopher. "Well," says Titus, now 35, "I have a few errands to run, so, son would you care to join me?" "No thanks father I've got a party to go to remember. But have fun father!" Christopher heads down the stairs toward the dining room for breakfast. Titus heads out the door saying goodbye to Anya. "Find someone good, dear!" says Anya waving goodbye. "Don't worry I will." The carriage leaves the drive. Titus sits and stares at the ocean beyond the road. He is heading toward Salestown, where everyone buys things, hence the name. It is the business town of Voin. Every planet has one. The carriage stops at a place called Vern's Choice. Titus gets out of the carriage and walks in. He never really liked these places but he had to do what he had to do. The place smelled of sweat and iron. A really smelly combination. A man in a dark blue suit walked up to him. "Ah! Mornin' sire. You came at the right time. Just got us a fresh new batch," said the man. "Thank you Vern!" Titus said.

"Ah! Here they are now!" said Vern. Titus walked closer to the so- called stage. A long chain of woman and young woman came from the back and lined up in front. Most of them were crying, others were cursing and spitting. Titus ignored those ones. He walked toward a young woman probably 16 or 17 years old. "What's your name?" he asked her. She didn't respond. Another young woman about the same age said "She hasn't said a word or done anything since we got here sir!" "Thank you for telling me that _______" said Titus. "Isabel!" she said. "Thank you Isabel" replied Titus, "would u by any chance know her name??" "Nope sorry. She hasn't said a word. But I can tell you she trusts me so you could say we're friends!" Isabel said. "Very well then!" Titus goes to talk to Vern. "I would like to have Isabel and her friend that doesn't talk!" said Titus. "Right away sire!" said Vern. Vern takes the keys off his pocket and unlocks Isabel and "no name". "You girls now work for the King and must obey his every command unless assigned to someone else, understood!" "Yes sir!" Isabel says. No name nods. "Go on!" says Vern. Isabel and no name walked back to the carriage. They got in followed by Titus and they rode back to the palace. Titus watched Isabel make faces and shack her head. "Did you want to ask something Isabel?" said Titus. "Yes sire I did!" she said. "Go ahead!" said Titus. "Well.I was wondering what kind of family you have?" "I have a wife and a 17 year old son!" replied Titus, "May I asked a question?" "Yes!" she says. "What planet are you from?" "I'm from the planet with no king and no prince!" she says. Titus asks, "Which one is that?" "Nien!" she said. Titus's eyes got wide. "What do you mean has no king or prince?" "Well.the king died last year and the prince vanished!" she said. "No, I wouldn't say he vanished!" "Then where is he?" "He's on another planet!" he said making a slight smile. "Huh?" "What is your prince's name?" he asks. "Timothy, Prince Timothy!" she replied. "Oh!" he said acting curious. "Do you know him!" she asks him. "Yes I did. I knew him well." "Really?" she said getting excited. "When I was young, around 6 years I knew him!" "Wow! Do you know what happened to him?" "Yes I do, he died." "What?" "The real Prince Timothy died when I was 8 and he was only 6!" he tells her. "What!!" "He was my younger brother!" "Oh! So then who was the other one?" she asks. "Me!" he says. "What!" "I wanted to disguise myself so I used my brother whom no one knew died!" he said. Titus noticed Isabel looking out the window. "Wow! Who lives there!" she said pointing at the castle. "I live there and you both do too!" Isabel and no name looked at it longer. Titus saw that no name was smiling. He called to Isabel and she looked at her too. They both smiled. "That's the first time I've seen her smile!" "I think she's going to love it here!" Titus says.

Titus, Isabel, and no name walk to the front door. The doorman opens it. They walk in. Anya was coming down the left stairwell when they came in. "Hello dear, how did it go!" she said. Isabel and no name stood off to the side. "My you got two I thought you were looking for one!" she added. "It was a 2 in 1 deal." "What is the 1 part?" she asked. "One of then actually talks to me! The other one has only smiled!" he says.
Ok that's the end of chapter 1. Stay tuned for chapter 2. It might take a while to get it up. Please R&R!!! thanks a bunch !!