A/N: Hey everybody! This is my last chapter. I hope you all enjoy it. There will be a sequel so.. yeah.. Oh! This chapter is set 5 years after the stuff in chapter 14. Okay now you can read it.

~~~~~~~~ 5 years ago~~~~~~~

Chris and Gabrielle are lying in bed, trying to sleep, when suddenly Gabrielle starts to feel strange. She sits up quickly and grabs Chris's hand. He sits up. "What's wrong, love?" he asked. "Chris, I think my water just broke, I'm going into labor!" she yells. Chris leaps out of the bed and runs over to her side. "You're having the baby!" he said. "Yes! Now go get someone, the doctor, Isabel, anyone!" she demands. Chris runs out.
He returns with Isabel saying, "The doctor was out!" "That's fine, I trust Isabel more anyway!" said Gabrielle. Isabel runs to her side. "Have your contractions started yet," Gabrielle looks at her strangely, "Don't look at me that way. I do know how to birth a baby, so just relax!" said Isabel. "My contractions haven't star. Wait! Yes they have!" Gabrielle says grabbing tightly onto Isabel's hand. "Chris go fetch me a large group of towels from the closet. Hurry!" Isabel yells demandingly.
After a few hours of painful contractions the last push is about to come. "Gabrielle, this is the last push, you can do it!" says Isabel. Gabrielle grits her teeth in pain and pushes; slowly and painfully out comes a baby boy. Isabel gives one of the servants the baby to clean it off. But Gabrielle has another contraction, pushes, and two minutes later another boy comes out. Everyone stands there in shock while the baby was crying. "There's two!" yells Chris. "Gabrielle you've had twins!" says Isabel excitedly. Isabel takes the other baby and cleans him off. "I'm exhausted!" says Gabrielle falling back on her pillow. ~~~~~~ End of flashback~~~~~~~ A/N: remember this is 5 years after the flashback.
Gabrielle and Chris wake up to the joyful yells of the two five-year- old boys. They were running around the room and hopping on the bed trying to wake their parents. " Andrew, Alexei stop frolicking around, we're trying to sleep!" says Gabrielle sleepily. "But mommy!" they both say; stopping, "we want daddy to play with us." Gabrielle sits up. "Your father has had a rough night, let him sleep. Go play with your dog!" she says. "Oh all right, we will!" they say leaving the room.
In the mid-afternoon, Chris was away to a meeting in the outskirts of Castle Town, the town by the castle. Gabrielle is sitting on a couch in the main foyer, reading a book, when one of the twins comes up to her. She looks up. "Yes, Andrew, what is it?" she asks. Andrew starts swaying back and forth and hangs his head. "I lost the dog!" he says quietly. "You did what?" Gabrielle said putting down her book. "I lost Tobey!" he repeated. "How could you lose the dog?" she said furiously. Andrew was quiet for a while. He looked up at his mother with his adorable blue eyes. "I'm just kidding mom, Tobey's right here!" he says as Alexei brings Tobey over. Gabrielle sighs in relief.

A/N: ok no more of them. Wait until the next story. Aren't Andrew and Alexei sweet (the little mischievous boys.) Well see ya in the next story ( whatever that means.)