The Exile

Hands grip my arms,

Furiously clawing at the flesh,

The gates open,

The world creeps in around me.

A flash of silver catches the sun,

A sharp pain radiates,

As crimson blood seeps from my forehead.

They mock and ridicule,

Strip me of my pride.


From the shadows, a figure arises,

The embodiment of all malevolence,

'Farewell, my friend.'

With a sadistic smile on his face,

He casts me forth from my home.

The gates clamp shut,

Silence is the only thing to be heard.


I was once respected, honored, and loved,

But the game of ignorance and deception

Shredded it all to pieces.

My life in that place over,

I take the steps towards a new.

I am no longer the valiant individual,

But the wanderer,

Forever marked across the forehead,

-The Exile-


I pull the hood of my cloak

Securely over my face,

And start my journey of exile,