Dear God

Dear God,

If you must know,

Today I'm feeling really low.

My life is worthless, my life's a failure

How much more do you think I can endure?
My friends backstab me,

But in front of my face, they're as nice as can be.

My love two-times me,

Because when he asks me out, I'm never free.

Everyday, I feel so frustrated,

Because I know my life is busted.

Just yesterday I got fired,

My boss told me I was better off retired.

All I did was to burn his corn-on-the-cob,

And because of that I lost my job.

And this morning my house burned down,

But the insurance company told me with a frown

That they're not paying anything back

Because I recently got the sack

And that I don't deserve a single thing

Not even insurance money for the burning.

Tell me, God, what should I do,

I'm jobless, miserable, homeless, too,

And Lord, please don't cover your ears or flinch or flee,

When you hear the prayers of a loser like me.