this is my intro:

I am 16

I may not seem depressed, but trust me I am

My real name is ellie

I have blue eyes

I have blue hair (dyed obviously, it was light brown)

My family: lets not go there

My friends:are nice, usually also depressed

Main thing to do:try and cheer them up

2nd thing: write poetry, I live for poetry

3rd: read poetry

4th and last: read/make up quotes

oh if you want to know about my Family I'll tell you here:

mom-she never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-b****, she smokes, but she protects me a little against dad

dad-all he does is complain, ellie why can't you be more like you're brothers, or ellie, your sister is so perfect why aren't you?, he beats ,me up with his words and occaisionally fists- yells nearly 24/7


bro-16, won 1st place in track

other bro- 20-brainiac