Chapter 8

Flaming Rainbows
There is no rhyme,
No rhyme this time.
Everything's gone,
So long, so long.
Even rainbows flamed and went.
Our only lasting covenant.

Becca turned off the lights, tossed her keys into the air, caught them again and closed the door behind her in one smooth, fluid motion. Ash watched with a small corner of himself feeling belittled and battered by what the bigger portion of him was about to do. The demon was simply too big. Too big in everyone. it had to be done. There was no plan. Even if there had been, it wouldn't have gone according to it anyway. It was spur of the moment, jumping the gun, even, because there would be no turning back. But, nothing ever happens fast enough for evil when it's in a hurry, has to wait, is excited, and has to keep quiet. Ash smiled eerily in the darkness to anyone who would have seen him. Becca did eventually get a move on, digging through her purse for the car keys. Then her keys fell, and then she lost her purse momentarily. Then, somehow, unexplainably, her shoe broke, it wasn't a rubber shoe, a wooden shoe, but it broke, right in half. What an upper for a woman, eh? However as a chosen one, Becca was doomed to unanswerably weird things happing in her life.

'Just deal with now. worry about everything else later,' the logical part of him said, but the vileness raged inside him, 'Kill her! Let me take her! Let me go!' Ash had to struggle to keep it simmering instead of boiling out over the top. Even though it seemed like forever, Becca came to her car and started to put her stuff in the back seat of her dark maroon colored car. Ash stepped from the darkness behind Alexia in the odd, stalker-ish type of way that some people have of doing and laid a strong hand on her shoulder. Naturally, she jumped.

"God, Ash Jessup you freaked the bejeezus outta me! What are you do-ING--!" Ash's hand gripped around her mouth, the other along her neck. It was a very. controlled strangle, almost gentle. Almost. If Ash didn't have the evil pulling at him to do worse. Well, if he didn't have the evil in him period he wouldn't be doing this. Little by little Becca slowed, her eyes closed and her breaking became raspy. The world seemed to bend around her just then and in a flash of light she was blasted away from his hands and lifted up towards the heavens. Yet at the same time, as she was being exalted, Ash was spiraling downwards, towards Dante's first ring of hell. Then everything was fine again and he held Becca tenderly in his arms, all the hatred gone, all the rage scared away for the time being. All that was left was the small memory of the burning sensation; the sensation you get when you touch something that is. purer and more holy that you are. It is not really a feeling. just a trigger of your mind. but it's still there and it still hurts

Ash choked and spluttered as e stumbled over his own feet. Keeping a tight hold on Becca his eyes leaked tears. The boy couldn't tell whether it was from his hacking or his sorrows. He fell backwards, pulling the young woman down on top of him as not to hurt her more. It was too soon to tell if she was still alive or what not and Ash didn't have the energy to try.

At that point he felt it inside of him. He felt... more. He knew instead of being only 100% he was something like 178% because there was something more to him. Now, it felt like 243%.. They laid there for a while on the sidewalk, both unconscious. A kind soul passing noticed them and checked them, finding them just in deep sleep they moved them into the car that's door had been inappropriately left ajar. This happened to be the place Ash awoke. At first confusion hit him. He didn't know where he was, what he was doing or why he was doing it in the first place. Then he realized he was inside of Becca's vehicle and quickly remembered. Flipping over from his reclined spot on the passenger's seat he looked at Becca, stretched as far out as one could be in the backseat of a compact car. Reaching towards her to check and see if she was indeed, alive his hand jerked back, he was filled with a vile feeling of repulsion for a moment. This made him want to puke. Of course he had no idea why even though he knew it was something obvious and he should know what it was. He reached out again and this time instead of his hand pulling back he was filled with the sensation of sticking his hand into a fiery pit of lava. It was so intense he knew it couldn't be real but he looked away as he was sure his skin would soon start to bubble and boil right off the bone, well, what was left of one. The sense of himself melting worked its way up his arm as he got closer to her then he realized it wasn't real and tried to ignore it. However, as we all know, extreme pain is hard to ignore when you have nothing else to focus on. Experimentally he put his other hand next to the appendage nearest Becca and it seemed that there was just an invisible wall of flaming peanut-butter there or whatever. ( Ash is extremely allergic to peanuts so you can imagine the pain it caused. ) He brought his left hand back to steady himself on the seat and his right hand's fingers touched the skin of the young woman. Ash was expecting it to be icy and cold but instead, it was pleasantly cool, and it stopped the burning everywhere on his body. But started a wild forest-fire in his soul. He held on long enough to get a pulse out of her then quickly withdrew. Ash knew why now. Becca was pure and holy and he was not.