Fast Food Teens

Just because I'm a teenager

I don't work as hard as you

Monday to Friday buried in homework

Weekends spent drowning in donuts

You say you're a single mom dropout

That's why you're working at Horton's

Don't take it out on me

It's your own damn fault you got knocked-up at seventeen

You bitch and complain about the shitty pay

Not enough to money to pay the bills

Sit there sucking on your cigarette

I guess nicotine's more important than your child

I'm working my ass off for my education

I'm gonna have a brain, be somebody

It's already tough enough being a senior

You're not making it any easier

Life isn't easy working minimum wage

University costs fifty thousand dollars these days

I'm gonna be in debt till I'm forty

But it's worth it not to turn out like you