Voltaire, Engels, and David's Roman Socialist

Voltaire was speaking of the snow in Canada, which he
had never seen, Voltaire ruled Europe you know, and this

is the oh-
subtle way that I am climbing up the brick building
to your second-
story window and watching you part your hair
back like Engels did(and you have the same eyes
as Engels did you know? did you know when you

stare at your
roman socialist you have the
same eyes as Engels) and Voltaire, Voltaire had never
seen Canada, I am tripping over dictionaries and pressed
flowers from archangel summers, and there were a few
acres of snow between the symmetrical birch trees pressed
lightly against the mortared

wall and (he is your Candide your roman
fountains your roman socialist fountains that only
respond to moonlight and
blackbirds)but I am standing beside your window of course,
watching you

watch Engels drive out the gray foolish snows from your
own eyes, and Voltaire, Voltaire, you did not have to
visit Prussia at all, only to feel the Caesar's pauses hover
before your splayed hands and open coat. Voltaire

was speaking of the snow in Canada,
and you are watching the roman fountains
spray ever-
unto the daylit moonlit sky(and he is your roman
socialist he is your roman socialist, you are)Engels
alone with your dark necktie,

lexis eyes