Dedicated to Manon, who saved my poor pathetic life in the Les Mis fiction genre! I owe rather a lot to her, and want to thank her for everything. (Including the link to "Saga of Christian Caron" :D)

Moon Dance

Moon dance
Dance on silver spun
Twisted back and forth between the fluting banks of cloud
Clear wind a' whipping the dark silver of stars
Patterned from the shadow of the moon

My lady's loom
Tied with rope of sky
With swan feathers all twirled in
The nighthawk sings
And lo! She flies
On the dark well of deep
Deep sinking sky
All alone in the silver maze of star

Sun dance
Dance on golden spun
Deep in the heart of valley's end
Between my old heart and home
Where dreams are thrown and live again
Where I can't be

My dream was thrown
So long ago
And still it spins
Around the sun
In valley's end
So far away
The sunhawk cries
Where can it be
Across the moon in valley's end
Deep in the heart of clover
Where sun cows live
And live again

Sky dance
Dance on ebony
Oh far away
Somewhere beyond
The hill of life
Beyond the sea
Above the grass
Farewell my sky so far away

Dream on deep night
The dream has gone
How deep in time
How long ago
A thousand years
See how I cry
Oh, my dream
Where it escapes once more
Far away
Deep in valley's end
Oh so far away
Deep in valley's end
Beyond the hills
Beyond the seas
Farewell again

Dream dance
Dance on velvet spun
In clouds of silk
Above my head
So deep away
Time is hidden
And human hands can't touch
Deep away in the sacred mountains
I have lost that dream
Far away in the sacred mountains
By the painted way
A thousand years away
Where my mind can't touch
It's shadows
Dream away

Play the silver flute
With golden notes
In ebony
Set in the sky
Oh by moon and sun
Where dreams are twisting by
Like the whirl of a frothing whirlpool
It may pull me down
But so far I've been holding back
From the foamy dream
So I can't stop my heart from thinking
All and all the time
Find my dream in the valley's end
By the riverside
So far
With my silver flute
My dream will come
When I call it back
My flute has sung
Come to me now
My lost thought of nighttime
Where have you gone
Oh it doesn't care
But I will call it home
Oh my dream lost in valley's end
I will see you soon
Good dream
Good dream
I will see you soon . . .