I want to write a story about a girl I know. Cassie. Let me give you a briefing of this insane chick. Her mom died when she was in the 5th grade. Don't get all teary on me, just listen. Next,

she found out that...it wasn't her mom. It was her adopted mother. Wait, hold the tears. After her missing nearly a month of school, she arrives in 6th grade. Very intriguing year it was too. Let's see...she made cheerleader and I made basketball. It's funny, now that I think about it. We were almost friends back then. Well, almost. I was friends with her best friend, Kat, who's twin brother I went out with. Fuzzy I know but keep listening.

At a football game early in the seventh grade year, a thing of Middle school kids is to watch HS football games (especially since my brother plays.), after a huge showdown, Miss cassie decided to be bold.

She grabbed my drink from grasp. I, unthinkingly but conscienceless knowing, hit her straight in the jaw.

I know this sounds very naive and immature but trust me, after all she'd but me through it was nothing short of what she deserved. I felt bad, I shouldn't have let my athletic ability go overboard. At the same time I felt rejuvenated. Everything I had wanted had come true. Revenge.

But I wasn't done yet. Nor, apparently was she.

*R/R I don't care if U flame cause I know it sucks. I just want to voice all of this, it eats at my heart to know that I am Christian and still hate...or do I? Confusing. Review, please.*