- Its hard to lead the life you choose...and all your lucks run out on you...you cant see where all your dreams are coming true- Googoo Dolls Sympathy (Honorable Artists, my love.)

So anyway...off she went crying. I think time slowed. I had a feeling of equal ness...I don't know why. I'm not a bully. I'm tough, no doubt...its just hard to let someone else push you around like that. Big dramatic scene. Even my best friend, or so you could say, looked at me as if I had cussed the president (which i wouldn't mind doing at the moment!). So then her ever-loyal friends rushed after her.

Apparently as I was leaving with my parents, a high schooler rushed up to confront little Cassie's situation. No prob for me. "Yes?" I said politely. "I would appreciate it if you wouldn't beat up my little cousin. How old are you anyway?" She asks suspiciously. Annoyed I reply," Thirteen."

Yeah little Cassie is only twelve. No biggie. She shrugs. "Don't do it again." "Wouldn't dream of it." I watch her walk away and silently laugh. Confront me like a real woman! I think to myself.

And maybe she will, someday.

School got off to a rough start I guess. It was weird with all that had happened because she now avoided me in halls and everywhere else. Not that we actually hung out. Heaven forbid! We;d end up killing each other before the hours crossed over. Ah...so sad. So the months began, and the intensity increased. It was like Hades in winter...only...she claims to be Christian too.

I want a description of little cassie for you. Pale, almost brown, blond hair. Pale white skin. Grayish-blue eyes. She looks like that girl off the Others. And she has a look about her as if she is tough. She's not. Its all an act. Count on ole Capricorn to try and show up the Cancer. (zodiac).

In conclusion of the first few months, she glared, snarled, made rumors. One day I was writing and i got this...



If you scramble the letters of my name, Jessica, without the J it spells cassie. It freaked me out, and got me thinking...

-R/r please.-