I wrote this backstage of the fall show (Scrooge) when I was a sophomore. This is the third draft and many things have changed since the original draft. It's gotten better with help from my friends and it could be even better still with your help, so... PLEASE REVIEW!!! It makes me happy. There are still spots I'm not satisfied with, so help would be nice. Enjoy!


Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Jason. Jason was thirteen years old and his brother Adam was fourteen. The two boys lived in a small apartment with their mommy. Her 27-year-old boyfriend Zack also lived with them. He was three years younger than she was, and he had a job! Jason's mommy didn't, so she was very happy to have Zack living with her. Their daddy left some years before, so Jason and Adam only know him through pictures.

The two brothers were the best of friends and they loved each other very much. Their mommy loved them too. Even Zack loved them. Jason and Adam always believed that their mommy would never do anything to hurt them. They somehow managed to get by for days on very little money and the boys looked forward to the day when things would be better.

One day in October, as the four sat in the tiny apartment, a nice young lady knocked on the door looking for a place to stay the night. Jason's mommy was very nice and let her sleep on the couch. The two women stayed up talking long after the two boys had gone to sleep. Secretly, Zack had been listening to their conversation. In the morning, the young guest was gone. In her place, Adam found a small white envelope.

Adam opened the envelope and two papers fluttered out. One was a twenty- dollar bill. The other was a note. The note said:

"You are all very nice people. Please take the money. You did something very nice and I feel I must repay you. And Adam, I have some candy for you. If you meet me behind the laundromat at 11,45 tonight, I will give it to you. Thank you all, Carrie."

Adam was very excited. It wasn't often that he got to have candy. He asked his mother and she said he could go. Jason wanted to go to. Their mother didn't think it was fair since the letter only invited Adam, but she gave in when she found out that Adam didn't know the way to the laundromat and Jason did.

When the two boys arrived behind the laundromat that night, no one was waiting for them. The boys began to feel anxious, but then Carrie appeared and they felt fine. Carrie walked up to Jason and told him she needed to speak with him alone. The two walked around to the front of the laundromat, leaving Adam by himself in the darkness.

Leaning in close, Carrie told Jason to run home as fast as he could; not to go back for Adam, just to run. She said that she couldn't explain why because she didn't even know. She just had a bad feeling that Jason was needed at home. Then she left.

Jason was confused and, despite what Carrie had said, went around back to find Adam. Jason felt wet ground beneath his bare feet, but in the darkness, couldn't see where it was coming from. He called for Adam several times but got no answer. So he took a few more cautious steps until his foot ran into something soft and very wet. Jason was very puzzled. The liquid felt thicker and stickier than water.

Suddenly, Jason felt a hand on his shoulder. Because of the close proximity, he could make out Carrie's face behind him. She thrust a flashlight into his hands and ran the other way out of the alley. A strong feeling of dread began to rise in Jason's stomach and he flicked on the flashlight. The alley behind the laundromat was full of trashcans and empty boxes. He turned the beam downward.

Jason spotted Adam's face- eyes wide open with fear and confusion, mouth twisted in a silent scream. There was a dripping hope in his abdomen where it looked as though a knife had been thrust. Jason screamed and ran home.

Back at the little apartment, Jason saw his mother step out of the bathroom as he entered. She was wiping her hands on her apron and they left brownish-red smudges across it. As she noticed Jason, she emotionlessly told him that she was addicted to heroin and could not support the family anymore. She also told him not to worry, for he would soon be reunited with his brother. She grabbed a bloody knife off the table and lunged for her son.

Jason cried out for Zack as his mother whipped the handle of the knife across his face. She slashed at him a few times, but he managed to avoid the blade. But not for long. His mother caught Jason's arm and brought the knife within centimeters of his throat. Adrenaline kicked in and Jason reversed the situation. With his other hand, he grabbed at and succeeded to push the knife toward his mother. It was a brief struggle, and at the end of it, the knife was lodged between his mother's throat and collarbone. Jason twisted the knife and quickly pulled it out. His mother took a step backwards and fell down dead.

As she fell, Jason noticed a blinking red light on top of the television. It was a video camera, and it had caught the whole scene. Zack stepped out of the bedroom saying that the police were on their way. When they arrived, they watched the tape and questioned Zack and Jason. After finding Adam's body, they began a search for Carrie.

When she was interrogated, the police decided that Carrie was innocent. Jason's mother had only told her to get the boys separated in any way she could. Zack testified that this was true. Jason's mother had given Carrie no indication of what would happen once the boys were separated. When Zack had heard this part of the conversation, he set up the video camera to make sure nothing bad happened. When he saw his girlfriend walk into the apartment with a bloody knife, he called the police.

The next day, the police discovered heroin in the closet. The only fingerprints on the plastic boxes storing the drugs belonged to Jason's mother. It turned out that she had a criminal record of three petty thefts. Zack confessed that he knew she had been doing drugs, but would not listen when he asked her to go to rehab. Jason was very upset about losing his mother because of drugs and greed. When the police chief told Jason that he, Zack, and Carrie were completely innocent, he cheered up a little. But not much. Adam's body was prepared and given a proper funeral. Zack took custody of Jason and moved the two of them into a new apartment. The old one, he decided, held too many unpleasant memories. After a few peaceful months in the new apartment, Jason and Zack received a surprise visit from Carrie. She was badly beaten and collapsed upon entering.

Zack and Jason nursed her back to health over the next two days and offered her a place to stay. She admitted that her father, a violent alcoholic, had beaten her and kicked her out of the house. He disapproved of her lifestyle and wanted her to drop out of school and work at his auto-repair shop. Carrie explained that she was in her fifth and final year of college and wanted to make a living playing the cello, which she was very good at. She hated mechanics, especially those who worked for her father.

For the next three months, Zack, Carrie, and Jason lived together peacefully. Zack turned 28 and, on his birthday, proposed to Carrie. She was 24, legally an adult, so the two became engaged. Both were very hay and tried their best to make Jason happy too. Little by little, he began to cheer up. Zack and Jason missed Adam, of course, but tried to keep their spirits up. Adam had always been happy and wouldn't want anyone sad for him. So they tried not to be.

In June, Carried graduated from college. Zack and Jason went to her ceremony and brought her flowers. They also brought her a letter that had come in the mail that morning. The letter was from a popular orchestral group in the area and they were offering her a job playing with them. The three went home happier than they'd been in months. But unfortunately, their happiness soon faded. A man was waiting outside their apartment and he did not look happy. Neither did Jason, for he recognized the man from photos in the old apartment. It was his father.


Ah yes, me and my twisted mind. No idea how I though of this. I was just sort of writing whatever popped into my head. As far as the ending being, well, not an ending, there's a reason for that. It's because I had to go onstage right when I got to that part and when I was done, I had to change costumes, then go back on, then it was intermission, and blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. It never got done. But if you like it enough, I'll make it a priority to finish this. Thanks!