Okay, kids. AMOC has (stubbornly) been in my head ever since I finished it, and today I've decided I'm going to start extensive revisions on all of my chapters. That's right, now you won't have to wade through my ninth-grade typos, poor dialogue, absent descriptions, ect. any longer. Because I always care about what my readers think, I'm asking you the readers to vote as to which chapter you would like changed first. However, this won't be a solely "spell check and go" revision. There will be new (improved!) dialogue, new descriptions, maybe a new (tiny) sub-plot or two. Since this story seems to be my most popular, I want my readers (and myself) to be satisfied with the finished outcome, so vote away! The poll (if I've figured out this new-fangled thing) should be appearing on my profile page; if not feel free to message me your vote.

And so this fits with FictionPress's "No author note chapters":

Liv and Parker are still together. Still broke, but still together. And no, Liv feels no desire to write a sequel, because she feels her story has said enough and now her life is not as nearly as interesting as it was five years ago, since all she does out of the ordinary is go to McDonalds, read the paper, and laugh as she watches the "Thomas" family stocks go waaay down thanks to the crappy economy.

Thanks so much!