Authors note: This story is set in the same world as the Jaro stories, but about two thousand years later. Therefore, you won't need to read those stories (unless you want to, of course). Anyway, I'll try to avoid mentioning those stories as much as possible while still explain things for those who have read them. Enough talking, lets begin with theā€¦


The part of the world that is concerned in this story is known to its people as the Known World (surprise). It borders to a great sea in the west, and in the south lies a huge and uncrossable desert. To the north lies The Bloody Mountains, and beyond them there is nothing but cold wasteland. But to the East lies a barrier just as powerful, for since immeasurable time East and West has been divided by a great wall. Those that live west of it believe that beyond the wall lies an empire wonderful and great, and those that live east of it believe that beyond it the world is inhabited by creatures from myth and legend. Both sides think the other side built the wall in order to prevent the lesser people from straying into their world. And both are wrong

None of them built it, and it was not made to make a border.

For the Great Wall is a prison, and those that are trapped there is there for a reason. Woe unto the world if they were to escape!

You can guess what this story is about, can't you?

You're right.