Time has passed me by. Many who have lived of my kin have died. Death taking them to far sweeter places than this misery, no matter how horrific their deaths. I miss them. They lived, their descendents, all existing, none fearing. But all are dead, their time has passed and mine continues. Their planet is a wasteland but it is still my home. I cannot escape it. If I could, my heart would never allow me to leave it.

Complete nuclear desolation has been their punishment. And now I walk to the end of days, when darkness falls on the world and even God is tired. He walks with me sometimes, two spirits walking in the result of his creation. He was depressed, feeling bitter and angry with himself and his people and I would agree. Long ago, I had been bitter and angry with him and his people, they had destroyed all my beauty, all things living and growing. Once upon a time the world had been beautiful.

'.Rich earthy browns, sun burnt rocks in Australia. Tall dark rainforests , reaching to the stars in the eternal night they lived in. Mountains capped in snow like icing sugar down to the depths of the oceans where multiple colours of every kind flit amongst the shadows. Not only the beauty of the scenery but the life that inhabited it, mammals, reptiles, birds, predators and prey, all serving their purpose of continued existence and life.'

But never again, they are dead. It is all dead and I continue, living in emptiness, my bitterness, anger and even sadness, mourning are gone, long emptied form me. He and I walk forever over desolate buildings, crumbled history, the pride, heritage and wealth of the humans utterly destroyed. We wander over grey black roads and grey black water, together but completely alone in our emptiness.

As I stray, I reach my house, on a crossroad. I can see barely there walls, remains of human skeletons and these are humans I used to know. In the distance, I see two great winged serpents swooping across the sky towards me. As they dive down to claim me, my heart flutters and I know I will die, at last, after millions of years of existence, lonely and empty."

"I am Gaia, Mother Spirit of Earth. I will be trapped no longer. May the doom and fate of Earth never be repeated. I am free."