So, I know it's been YEARS since I've updated and I know I still have to finish the sequel… It's been lovely and humbling to see how many of you guys are still finding, reviewing, and favoriting this story. That means a lot more to me than you guys may ever know.

I guess I wanted to do a quick update in addition to my very important question (SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM IF YOU JUST WANT TO CUT TO THE CHASE). I am now a 1st-year graduate student at Columbia University in New York. I am working for my MFA (basically a Master's) in Creative Writing, Fiction. It's really such a dream come true, moving from California to the Big Apple, to study what has always been my passion. So don't think I've given up writing or anything. I'm just trying to "legitimaze" myself. (I also go to school with James Franco! He's in the writing program with me! Isn't that crazy-cool??)

So, here's the question… I am currently considering self-publishing "This Very Moment" under my FictionPress penname. What do you guys think? If I published this story, would it have an audience as great as the one it has here?

I ask this question because self-publishing is not like traditional publishing… You won't be able to find the book in stores because it's P.O.D. (print on demand), BUT you will be able to order it online from or other retail bookstores like B&N. And I may rewrite some of this story, knowing what I know now about writing and having read everyone's response and critiques.

So what do you guys think?? Is it worth doing? Should I do it? Would you like to have a physical paperback (maybe even hardback) copy of "This Very Moment" in your hands?

Give me your thoughts. I always love to hear them.

Thank you for being such wonderful readers over the years.