~ Nothing left ~

You hurt me
again and again
and you didn´t realize
didn´t even care

I tried to tell you
but you ignored me
you put it in danger
our friendship

Was it important to you at all
or was I just there to keep you busy
was I good enough to amuse you
care about you and be your friend

At the beginning you were there
you were my friend it was fun
but within moments not even a second
you turned around and left me alone

You took my soul and my mind
you didn´t leave me a bit
my life is senseless and yet
I can´t even be angry

I miss you my friend
I miss what we had
I should hate you
but I can´t ...not even that

You know how it feels
to feel nothing
I want to scream
and run away so far

You are like death
you don´t care
but you take
and you took my life

And there´s nothing left .....