Brit stumbled into the bathroom at the back of the nightclub and grabbed the sink to keep from falling. The loud music pulsed in the background but she could hardly hear it. Her head felt like it was full of cotton and her legs made of water. She splashed cold water on her face and it helped clear her head a little. "Eyeless" by Slipknot was banging on the stereo now. She stared at her reflection in the broken mirror that hung on the wall. She wore her usual attire, baggy black pants and a black tank top. Heavy chains adorned her neck and her long, glistening black hair hung down around her shoulders. "Goth" , the kids at school called her. Kids who used to be her friends, back in middle school before Dad had gotten remarried. Now those kids laughed at her from afar. Giggling mindlessly because she was different. What do they know anyway? Right now her biggest problem was how to get home with out the parentals finding out that she snuck out. Dad and Victoria had already banned her from her friends and were threatning to throw away her black clothes too.
Someone pounded on the door of the bathroom. She flung the door open. A group of "punk rockers" stood waiting to use the bathroom. "Alright, I'm leaving already", she grumbled. Slowly, she began walking towards the parkign lot, hoping she would see somone she knew. "Damn", she grumbled underneath her breath. Someone tapped her on the back and she whirled around. A tall guy with brown hair and a tan stood in front of her. She knew him, his name was Ben Garret. He went to her school and was a jock. Best player on the basetball team. What on earth is he talking to me for? She turned to leave, all guys like him wanted was to make fun of her.
"Wait, Brit.", he said.
"Just go away alright!", she cried angrily, then stopped ashamed to let him get to her.
"Hey, thats cool", he replied, " ..but I was just wondering if you wanted a ride home?"
What the heck? "Alright", she agreed. "Theres no other way to get home.