Painful Life

What's so erotic
About this endless pain
Why is life called exotic
When all of it's in vain?

We swim in our sea
Of impossible suffering
Everyone says, to you and me
That our lives are just "buffering"

We are waiting for someone
To save us from this hell
The battle will be won
The saviour will sound the bell

Our battle is futile
Our resistence is a waste
Hapiness doomed for exile
Pain takes us by the waist

Some commit suicide
Some decide go and to die
But the fact that we hide
Is this isn't a painful goodbye

I think religeon is fake
But even if I'm wrong
I'd be happier to sit in Hell and bake
Then sing life's painful song

I want to cry myself to death
I want to cease this poinless life
I want to hear my last breath
I want my skin to taste the knife