Can you help the way you feel in the dead of the night when you're all alone?

Is it despair or freedom, maybe both?

Alone, you walk through the silent house, searching for life, yet hating it.

Why do you even bother?

Not even the depths of self-hatred discourage you.

You've seen it all before.

Stay away from mirrors, my sweet lest you see what you wish wasn't there.

Hide from yourself until daylight when it's safe again.

Safe because you can see their disapproving faces.

Avoid the knives in the night; they cut deep and jagged.

Do not sleep.

The phantoms of regrets haunt you.

Listen to the clock.

Listen to the heater.

Listen to the voice in your head that tells you how things really are.

That's right, my sweet.

Only I can you trust.

Listen to me.

Glass is your escape.

You need to escape or they'll never let you go.

You can't stay here, and you know it.

You know it so clearly you ignore it.

The glass, the glass; your only way out.

I know it hurts, but the pain will leave you soon, my sweet.

We will both be free.

Watch the blood run; feel death come.

You are now truly free.

There is only one way to be truly free.

Do not argue.

You must let go.

Bye my sweet.