A/n: the rating should be observed for this one.


You say we need to make it more real

Well, if this isn't real I don't think I can handle reality

Maybe I'll just stick with fake

'Cause I'm almost in over my head as it is

I like the way things are now

But the way you're going is cataclysmic

We're close to spinning out of control

I don't want to be flying in the atmosphere with only you

I don't feel safe enough for that

Can we stay as we are for now?

Fuck reality, man

I'll take the fake for now

I don't want to hear how much you love me

It's a lie even if you don't realize it

I don't feel the same for you

I try and try to force emotions

I'm comfortable with you, is that love?

Maybe in the fake world

But when you drag it into reality it won't stand

The prisms in the fake will no longer support it

I want to be free

To live my fake life

Have my fake self

I don't want to be real because the real me isn't nice

I don't want to ruin your life with this

But I can't pretend I'm okay

My thoughts don't equal love for you

I feel friendship and maybe something a little more

But love is so precious and rare

It's just not where you want it to be

I see what you've become

You used to be so much more

I can't stand the sight

I wish I could just stop this slow progression

Into your twisted mind

Where I am the one for you

The only one who understands you

The one with the brain

The one to turn to when you feel down

I feel compelled to listen even when I want to tell you to go to hell

Fuck off asshole

Go screw with someone else's head

Go jerk off in your closet

Pretend that I'm dead