Love's Return

Cold air around her

Snow falling heavy

Like rain

9 o'clock train

Has come and gone

Still, no one has arrived

The description of his face

Cannot penetrate her memory

Nor can the crumpled photograph

Torn by constant unbelieving glances

Perhaps she is still waiting

For the boy

Ten years have come

Ten years have gone

She can't fathom

How they might have changed him

Still waiting there

For the cry of a train

For his return

He leaves the passenger car

Suitcase pulling at his hand

His eyes sweep the platform

And brush over her face

Her eyes are the tip off

With loves gentle gaze

To fulfill a desperate longing

He runs to her arms

The world slips away

And the snow

Heavy like rain

Is no more than a whisper

Of God's gentle tears

For a happy reuniting of love

As the train pulls away

She turns his face

To a warm house

A home

They enter for shelter

To share memories

To tell of dreams

To laugh as one

Together, at last

After ten years of longing

Comforted, relieved, safe

Hand clasping hand

The mother and her son