Locked in on Chinese New Year's Eve

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Ok, I'm starting to sound boring. Read this true account of how my baby sister and cousin made their first spectacular feat and spoilt my holiday…

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Chinese New Year's Eve, the year two thousand and two, was spent in my grandmother's place. It was a nice afternoon by Taipei standards, and I was learning how to play taiti, a card game.

"No no, you have a flush," my mother was telling for the umpteenth time, "you cant beat a house with that."

I frowned and took back the cards, studying what I have. "Then I think I'll pass." Absently, I pushed my baby sister away. "Michelle, stop bothering me. Go play with Hannah." Deprived of her favourite pastime, which was annoying people to their graves, she went off in a sulk. A few moments later, I heard Milky barking. It seemed like the baby cousins had decided to irritate the dog, a highly dangerous thing, in my opinion.

"Kelly! Your turn!" Abashed at being caught daydreaming, I looked at the growing pile of cards on the table. A pair of fives. Alright, surely a pair of sevens can beat that.

Ten minutes passed by. My father had won, and we started on another round. I heard Michelle and Hannah screaming, then it was my turn.

Five minutes found me deeply absorbed with trying to win with, and at the same time, confusing new and limited knowledge I had. I thought I heard a faint 'click', then more barking.

Five minutes after that, I heard nails clicking on the floor. Milky had gotten bored and went off. I think.

Sweet, blessed silence.

Twenty minutes after, I was collecting a big pile of worthless plastic coins happily. I won! I am a genius! Muahahahaha! My mother rewarded me with a thousand dollar note for winning a game. I grinned at my brother, who was looking very much like a spoilt puppy, and whining about how I got money and he didn't.

I was starting to like gambling.

I felt for my wallet.

Oh no! it wasn't there! Alarmed, I tried to remember when I had taken it out. Oh, that was it. I lent it to Michelle so she would stop trying to pull my pants off and sit on my lap, playing God-knows-what with it. She must have taken it along.

"Michelle! I want my wallet back!" I hollered. No reply. "Michelle?"

It was quiet. Too quiet. Usually, when Michelle is around, there are only four ways to shut her up. One, give her whatever she wants. Two, drown her out with louder sounds, preferably music. Three, put her to sleep. Four, lock her in a room. One and two were obviously eliminated from my choices, and this left me with three and four. She couldn't have slept, because she was too hyper. I blame it on the bag of marshmallows we gave her that morning. Anything with sugar in it is evil.

I yelled for them while walking around the house. What if they were playing near a window? If they fall out, they would not scream, oh no.

Mother's room is empty, let's move on to the next.

Knowing them, they'd probably be laughing at the sheer joy of falling down from a long distance, until they met the road face first.

Then they wouldn't be laughing anymore.

A mental picture of a pair of squashed frogs came into my mind.

Concentrate! I absently tried opening the door to my aunt's room. Oh it's locked. I walked a couple more steps before realization hit me like a sack of bricks.


"Michelle? Hannah?" I knocked on the door and heard the sounds two three-year olds would make climbing onto a bed. "Michelle! Unlock the door now!" I commanded, hoping that for once, Michelle would listen to me.

Surprisingly, she did. I heard her scrambling off the bed and trying to turn the knob of the lock. "Jie Jie Kelwie, it stuckth."

Argh, blast, crap and damn.

Why do locked-ins run in the family?

"Mom! Michelle's stuck!"

After everyone had found out about it, they stared panicking. Except for Tiffany and me. Michelle and Hannah must have felt the general atmosphere, because right after my mom told them not to worry, they'd be out soon, they started screaming and tried to break the door open. My uncle had taken my grandparent-in-laws to the doctor. So we didn't know where the keys are, or the spares. I doubt that my grandmother-in-law remembers anyway. Grandfather-in-law has Alzheimer's, so asking him is pretty useless and stupid.

After we called the locksmith, me and Tiffany started calming the others down. It must have been effective, because the adults had decided to play mahjong and my aunt started to worry about her make up.

If they did anything permanent to my wallet I'll throw them into a pond and watch them drown, slowly and painfully.

Two hours later, an old man came. He was the locksmith. Judging by his age, I figured that it would probably take another two hours to fix the door, give or take thirty minutes. I joined Tiffany in front of the TV and started watching Chinese music videos and cheesy Hong Kong gambling movies.

My uncle and grandparent-in-laws came back just when the door fell outwards, towards us. That made me wonder if anyone called them to ask grandmother if we could break her door. She didn't look that surprised, so my other aunt-in-law must have called my uncle to tell her.

Michelle and Hannah came running out of the dust and flung themselves onto their mothers, strongly reminding me of a strange cowboy movie scene. Their faces looked like clowns who had used each other to put on make-up.

Behind me, I heard my aunt sigh.

So fortunately, my baby sister and cousin returned to us in time for the fireworks that night. I got my wallet back, the lock was fixed, the locksmith pain and left with almost everyone's sincere apologies for disturbing him on Chinese New Year's Eve.

That night, we went to a deserted field where we set off illegally-bought fireworks, courtesy of Uncle James, my older aunt's boyfriend. The men old enough o do so got drunk and tried to bring a house down with the bigger rockets. We weren't caught that night, and everyone was happy. I nearly burnt Tiffany's hair off by accident, but I'll tell you about that the next time.

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