Day 2 - 05 03 03

Today nothing much interesting happened. Xandra, I feel comfortable calling her that now, hasn't had much time to write this up for me, so that is why this is so short.

School, well school as Xandra puts it 'is much the same.' I have to admit, I am starting to dislike it as much as she dislikes it. She woke me up at ten to seven today, that early, to get to school! Well, I don't like having to get up early. She took me on the bus again, but this time kept the box open for a while. She told me that if she saw anyone who might hurt me, she would close the lid. The view I saw was interesting, but not much could be said. I did see a lot, lots of building and trees full of blossom, but nothing interesting like any nice eggs or even nice humans like her. I am starting to think that people who don't mind eggs are few and far between. She did close the box in the end. She saw some 'shazza' boys, as she calls them. They looked rather disreputable and thuggish to me, so I'm glad she had the foresight to keep me hidden. They made me shiver a bit I may say! (Okay, lots of people may disagree with Nathan, but he finds shazzas and rude boys scarier than Goths and grungers. I don't know why - maybe it's an egg thing - Xandra the blue)

She carried me up to the classroom again, and she met Nicola again. She seemed upset, so Xandra kept on questioning her until she cried. I don't know why, but this is what she calls 'talking.' I don't see the point of it if it makes people cry. I don't think people should talk, but try to get on. 'Talking' only makes them more upset. Well, Nicola went on about some stuff that an egg like me wouldn't understand, and Xandra, being the kind person she is (thank you Nathan: D, nah folks, she my friend, and what was I supposed to do? I didn't know so I did something. Nathan doesn't understand any of the girlie stuff! - Xandra the Blue), she took one of the tissues she had brought for me, in case there was an accident, and gave it to her. This seemed to make her better. The water from her eyes stopped a bit, and they 'hugged' (is that what it's called? - Nathan the Egg). Then after Nichole seemed to get it a little out of her system, Xandra drew me up to her egg Rebecca, (no Taz's egg unfortunately.sigh! - Nathan the egg) and started to talk to her, trying to comfort her.

I asked Rebecca why Nichole was upset, and she said her dad had shouted at her the night before. I didn't understand how this upset her. Xandra later informed me this was 'bad shouting' which meant that her dad was angry with her. I have yet to see Xandra angry at me, but after seeing Nichole cry, it don't think being angry is really worth the effort. It just makes everyone miserable.

Well, not much happened that day.until lunch. They humans were sharing lunch, while us egg, that being Rebecca (not a patch on Taz's egg.sigh - Nathan the egg) and Patrick - Josh, talked about the day. Today we had been left under the chairs of the humans while they sat in a hall, and I didn't know why. I had shouted and shouted at Xandra to pick me up, and keep me warm as I was cold, but she just ignored me. I think she fell asleep at one point! But this was cold comfort for a freezing cold egg, under a chair near some heavy looking feet. I had tried to be angry with her, but when she picked me up in her warm hands, and stroked my blue wool hair, I couldn't stay angry with her. For one thing I was terrified at the height of being dropped!

So I asked the eggs what had happened, and why she had ignored me.

'Don't you know what day it is?' remarked Rebecca in a know-it-all voice that irritated me.

'Wednesday,' I replied.

Rebecca laughed at me, making my shell flush a little with resentment. 'You are stupid!' she said, laughing, her tiny eyes screwed up like they had swollen up, ' today's ash Wednesdays!'

'So what?' I remarked.

This stopped Rebecca in her tracks. She stopped laughing, and said,' what do you mean, ''so what?'''

'Well, why would that make her ignore me?' I said, smiling a little to myself.

Rebecca stopped silently. She thought this over, and then said, 'you're weird. You've got blue hair.'

This simple reasoning made me want to repeat to her the noble heritage behind my name, but I stopped myself in time. She turned around, and ignored me. I felt a little put out, but as I turned to Xandra I asked, 'what's Ash Wednesday.'

Xandra at this moment had pulled a notepad (like mine) out of her bag, and replied, 'wha'?'

'Ash Wednesday,' I repeated, 'why did you ignore me?'

Xandra sighed and said, 'I haven't looked after you well, have I? I was in mass, and I couldn't bend down to keep you warm. There were lots of teacher around us, they would have killed me!'

'Why?' I asked.

'Because in mass you have to keep quiet and listen to the priest,' she says, 'he's supposed to tell you about god.'

I didn't ask about this 'god' she talks about, but again I had to ask, 'why?'

'Because if you talk, or more correctly, get caught talking, the teacher put you in detention and I wouldn't have been able to talk to you. They probably would have you taken away.'

'Take me away?' I gasped, 'why?'

'Because they would see you as a distraction,' she said, sighing sadly, 'they just don't understand eggs like me.'

I couldn't help but laugh at the solemn face she pulled. She smiled, her cracked lips going up at the corners, and she stroked my hair again. I think she likes it as much as I do.

Well, if being left to freeze wasn't enough today, I had worse later. During a lesson called maths, where people sit around looking bored, she put me on her desk so I could see the lesson. There wasn't much to see except for * gulp* the sight of broken eggshells on the floor. I nearly joined them when the person on the desk in front of hers leaned back.. I nearly fell out of my box! Both Xandra and Dino (who was sitting next to her) nearly screamed! The girl (called Rohini) apologised profusely to me, rather than Xandra for a change, and she took me out of my box (which I have to admit, was the least apologetic thing she could do as she nearly killed me) and asked for forgiveness. I let her have it; on the condition she put me back. She did so, and passed the box back to Xandra, who letting out a wail of relief said, ' Nathan, are you okay?'

'I'll live,' I said, smiling weakly, but bravely.

'I'll keep you away from her elbows, 'she said. Then, placing me between her chest and her arms, she made sure no one could hurt me. I saw another egg get dropped later on. I'm lucky I'm not dead yet! I think humans should rethink it, killing off poor eggs for spite and sport. Maybe we should kill humans like that, and see what they think!

I told Xandra that before she put me to bed, and said there's one thing like that already, and it's called war. It's when humans fight other humans because of religion mainly. I asked if it was because they got bored during mass. She laughed, but she said solemnly that people got killed over something small, like whether bread at mass was ready breed or not. I told her that of course it was bread, but she says it's a metaphorical thing. I have yet to find out what this is.

She also informs me that tomorrow I'll see a teacher called 'Dr Alda Han' who can't speak English very well. She says I should watch out because she might not like me. I disagree. Why won't she like me? All the girls in school have liked me, even though some asked if she wanted them to smash me. She told those stupid enough to ask 'no!'

More power to her I say! I hope that Xandra will make more time for my entry tomorrow, but she says she had lots of homework tonight. I don't know what that is, but it keep her occupied, and doesn't let you hear the story about her brother, a jar full of jelly (or Jello to those in America - Nathan the egg) and me. The story still brings butterflies into my shell!

Also, I have been told to beg for reviews. Personally, everyone knows I'm an egg genius! (He's so modest - Xandra the blue) So, please review me, to convince Xandra of the same thing.


Nathan the egg.