Your heart is not open

So I must go

The spell has been broken

I loved you so

Freedom comes when you learn to let go

Creation come when you learn to say no

You were my lesson

I had to learn

I was your fortress

You had to burn

Pain is a warning that something's wrong

I pray to God that it won't be long

There's nothing left to try

There's no place left to hide

There's no greater power

Than the power of Goodbye
In the shadows

You left me alone

And now you wonder

Why my heart is but stone

You were the flame that helped me move on

Now you're the fire from which I run from

Love is bird

She needs to fly

Caged in hurt and anger

Will make her die

You only see what you're eyes want to see

What you want was what I could never be

Learn to say goodbye

I yearn to say Goodbye

There's nothing left to loose

There's no more heart to bruise

There's no greater power

Than the Power of Goodbye.
By Joanne Sylvan