This is how I think of life, reality and fantasy. Is this still a poem? I'm sorry; I am not so good at rhyming these days... Please read and review! Constructive criticism accepted ^^


Running in the dark

From an unseen evil.

I feel it coming... Closer... I scream,

Then stumble and fall.

A stream of crystal teardrops;

I anticipated pain; death,

But nothing came.

The sudden silence hurt my ears.

My eyes opened instinctively

Only to be flooded with light.

Warm, beautiful light I longed for.

It was you.

Time stopped as I realized

I was now in a world linking two others;

In this thin thread

Between fantasy and reality.

Light in front of me,

Darkness and fear behind.

A fork in the road.

What would anyone else have chosen?

I moved toward the light

As you reached out your hand to me.

But the closer I got,

The farther you seemed to be.

Run! Faster, faster!

A flash of lightning,

The thin thread finally snaps,

And I happily take your hand,

But you were never there.

And now, I can't escape.