WARNING: This story is nothing like Guardian. A lot of death, angst, and a general depressing atmosphere will be very present several times in this story (I'm not brilliant at these types of fics but I'll be doing it as well as I can). If you don't like this type of story, don't read. You have been warned.



Deign . . .

In the vast creation known as the universe, it is microscopic. A mere dot. Yet, on this tiny rock, one of the greatest forces of all time exists. And the small population that exists on it, are mere pawns in its grasp.

The force is known solely, as destiny . . .

* * *

Destiny. My namesake. The force that decides our futures, whatever our pasts. There is no running, no hiding, our fate has been decided before we were born.

Or has it?

* * *

Many say that since no one has ever escaped their destiny, it is impossible. But nothing is impossible. And that is what this story is about . . .

* * *

Deign is a planet of only one continent, Nefka, and is home to animals, humans, evil creatures known as demons, and small creatures that have been dubbed, elves.

When these 'elves' hatch, their eggshells gain tremendous power, and humans with special gifts; Humans known as 'Linkers' can weild them. They polish and cut the precious shells, to create what is known as Hokoi . . .

Hokoi are small stones, that when used in the right way by a Linker, can split into several parts, and bond several people together, through a telekinetic link. So that wherever one is, he can always here the other bonded's thoughts, and vice versa.

But this gift comes at a price. One part of a Hokoi cannot exist without both a live creature to attach itself to, and its other halves. When a creature that has been bonded dies, all pieces of that specific Hokoi self- destruct, killing those linked instantly.

* * *

But do not dwell on this morsel of information. You merely need to know, as the Hokoi played a specific part in this tale. A story of reluctant heroes, a man who bends the rules of the universe, and forgotten destinies . . .

* * *

As for me? I will leave you for now. But be forewarned, I will re-emerge, for that is the fate, of a Watcher . . .