Seduction by Weakness

Chapter 4

AN: Between these ------, it's a flashback. You'll get it when you read the story. I realized you never knew how they met, and that would help in this story so, there will be a lot of flashbacks (maybe not in this chapter only or at all), at least more than I usually would write.

She writhed against him. In the back of her mind, she figured out why this experience was like no other: she liked this guy. She liked him as a person, lover, and friend. That perticular combination is bad. Very bad. Her logical sense told her to break up with Cage as soon as possible. Meaning basically, now. But emotionally, she'd die. Miserably, she accepted her logical thinking as a way to keep from get her heart broken.

A single salty tear trailed down her cheek. This time, the passion of her kisses changed from seduction to desperation. She kissed him back with all the love in her heart, thinking this would be her very last kiss from and to Cage. Dimly, she realized his kisses tried to calm her down. She was crawling all over him and hoping it didn't seem too pathetic. This breakup was going straight down into her heart and in her saddest memories. She thought of all the other lovers she had. She didn't even know them anymore. There was only Cage, and she didn't think there would be anymore. I'll become a volunteer nun. Inside, she laughed bitterly. Like any place would want her. She wouldn't accept anyone like herself, so why should anyone else?

She put herself down and until she finally accepted that she herself was the horrible, using, selfish person on the face of Earth. She wondered back when she met him, and how she had wanted, needed him to notice her, but she seemed invisible to him. And now, when she wanted to shake the memory away, she remembered it. She realized now, as she feel into that path called 'Love' she had to remember, so she could hurt herself with how she treated him, she used to be, and hopefully the way she'll never be again.


She stood in the midst of many guys, some whom she's dated, some whom she hasn't, and some who have someone already, but would start dating her if she choose to pick him. She hadn't thought about their "girlfriends" and wasn't about to now. Mingling and choosing her next target was one the best things in the chase, the most being the chase and seduction itself. Weaknesses were the key point. Target it, shoot, and score. Then, of course, discard!

But even through her little line of potential 'boyfriends,' she hadn't spotted anyone truly worthy, until she saw him. He was gorgeous, and didn't seem occupied. That little thing, in the slimest chance, could be called a "woman." But, the hideous and outrageous giggling and batting her eyelashes at him ruined the effect. Why did girls think that was the way to flirt? It was sickening to watch. Geez, that girl needs training, she thought to herself. Pasting on a sleepy, satisfied grin on her face, she walked over to him. Tapping his shoulder gently to get his attention, she whispered a soft, seductive 'Hey.'

He was more breathtaking from the front. Standing a little over six feet tall ,with broad shoulders, was the most charming guy SHE'D ever met. He had dark blonde/light brown hair that looked like it had fingers running frustrated through it. She felt like running her hands through that silky mass. Her lips was lush and so very kissable. His skin was naturally slightly tan, but the glorious sun made it seem like more like shined bronze and it was a compliment to his dark jade eyes and medium-colored hair. He seemed frankly very comfortable in a tux that looked like it was made to fit him perfectly.

He flashed her a curious smile and an approving gaze over her outfit and appearance. Of course he would, she thought triumphantly. She was wearing a curve-fitting, crimson dress that appeared very sexy on her sun-kissed, tan skin. It was slightly revealing, but not at all modest nor slutty. Her figure was great, and she was about 5'6. Her long black hair was tossed ignorantly over one shoulder and draped over the other. Her honey eyes were tipped with long lashes that made her almond-shaped eyes seem exotic and extremely sexy.

"Hello, I'm Cage." he said lazily.

This ought to be an easy caught she thought as told him her name in return.


It hadn't been, and now she wished she hadn't pursued it. Look where it left her... in love. As she thought about that first meeting, she felt a jolt go through her as he added more passion to the kiss and pressed his body suggestively towards hers. He seemed to back down a little, and Leena jumped in to continue the makeout session, that was doomed to be the very last. Running her hands through his hair, she remember how much she wanted to the first time she met him. She dragged her mouth from his and led it to her neck, where he obidently started kissing the vulerable column of her silky skin.

He realized that her sexuality was much more different from the first time, and even the time before this. Something happened between now and then, other than the switch of names thing. She'd forgotten about that, at he thought so. She was kissing him like she never would again. No way! I would NOT let her go, and then let some guy crawl all over her. Or worse, let HER crawl all over some guy. He decided in that one moment was he was going to do.

Something that he certainly didn't think would ever happen... happened. He took his mouth away from her sweet-smelling skin. She looked up at him, disappointed but a little curious to see why he stopped. He was going to ask her to stay with him. There was no way he's let her breakup with him and ruin the one chance of love he had. He opened his mouth to speak, but the words wouldn't form at the moment. Then, he knew why. It would just scare her into leaving him anyway. He told her something else instead.

"You're so beautiful, and I, well, I'm sorry..." he finally said.


"Hey beautiful!" he said while wrapping his arms around her from the back.

"Hey you idiot." she replied saucily. To that comment, he started tickling her endlessly. She put her hands up and cried mercy.

"Why should I stop? You haven't apologized!" he stated in a superior tone that sent Leena giggling.

"Okay, fine. You're a GORGEOUS idiot. Happy?"

"Ecstatic..." he growled and then pulled her into his arms.

That was, in 6 simple words, The Happiest Day Of Her Life. And so was every other day she spent with him.


Tears started leaking from the corners of her arms and she sank to the ground. This was too much. He was too sweet. Why does love hurt so much, yet feel so good? she thought angrily as she swiped away the tears.