This is the fall.
This is the rose crushed by your feet.
This is the final warning,
In a world that never stops.
Round and round we go.
Carousel chimes,
Funeral bells,
There's no difference,
Is there now?
Where are those second chances,
Those never ending,
Never coming,
Final warnings?
This is the rose garden crushed by your feet.
This is the fall I endure.

Come dance with me,
Dearest friend,
And mind the roses,
They're dear to me.
This is the fall.
This is our fall.

There never was that final warning,
Was there?
You never gave me that second chance,
Did you?
Why didn't you tell me?
What didn't you tell me?
How you keep yourself,
To yourself,
From yourself,
With yourself,
Away from me.

Take that rose,
Laying so crushed beneath your shoe.
Pick it up,
And put it in water,
And tend it,
And love it,
And mourn it when it withers,
For this is my crest,
And this is my symbol,
This lonely rose.

So crushed,
So silent,
So lonely.

I ask so little,
My dearest friend.
Bloom with me,
Wither with me,

Fall with me.