It's dark outside; the night's closing in. The coldness creeps in. There's fear out there; can't you feel it? Where emptiness appears and there's nowhere to run. It comes for you. When death comes knocking, That's when you'll beg For death to come take you And to make it all end. But never for you, Will you feel release. Your loved ones will die, But for you it'll never end.
I never wrote scary poems before and I liked the way this one turned out. It sounds creepy and scary and is very descriptive as well. I liked the last line when it said "but for you it will never end." It is the best line in the poem because the last line is like a curse that will never be lifted. It leaves the reader wondering at what the evil that's lurking outside is. I wrote this at night when I had nothing to do except listen to my brother play games on the computer. I like to read horror novels and so I tried my hand at horror poems.