This is the last chapter, as you all know. I hope y'all like it. This is written for you Petyr fans out there. I want you to know that I liked both Petyr and Aubrey the same, but if I had chosen Muriel to go with Petyr, I'm sure I would have gotten a lot of flames, more so than if I had Muriel go with Aubrey. I don't like flames so please don't flame me. Surprisingly, I never even got one flame for this story. Thank you so much! If the marriage is not exactly realistic, please tell me. I've never been to a marriage before; I've only seen them on TV.

Summary for Chapter 29: Muriel wakes up and finds Aubrey's apartment empty so she decides to go to work. While she was working on a new design, her pen runs out of ink. She goes to Aubrey's room to look for another pen but while she was searching, her eyes fall on a portfolio of his. She had never seen that portfolio before. Curious, she opens it and to her surprise, it is filled with pictures of her. It was then that she realizes that Aubrey truly loves her. Meanwhile, Aubrey wakes up at the hotel and realizes he was late. He phones Muriel's apartment but no one answers so he rushes to the store. He finds Muriel looking at his drawings of her. He tells Muriel that he loves her and she says that she already knew that from the pictures he drew of her. After their kiss, Muriel finds herself staring into the shocked face of Petyr. Petyr says he knew that they were meant to be together but he wanted a chance anyway. He tells them to invite him to their wedding. Muriel blanches at the word marriage, but Aubrey tells her that she was going to marry him in the end. Aubrey then kidnaps Muriel off to buy a ring.

Playboy Chapter 30: The Wedding and Perhaps a New Beginning

The announcement of the wedding caused a huge scandal in the world of fashion and glamour. Wasn't Muriel dating Petyr? Did Muriel get pregnant by Aubrey? Perhaps there was some kind of blackmail? All sorts of juicy rumors were floating around; a lot of which Muriel found were extremely ridiculous and hilarious. Though there were some that were harsh and caustic, she had long learned to ignore them.

To say that Muriel's parents were less than pleased for their daughter to marry Aubrey was to make light of the situation. Her father was furious that Muriel had chosen Aubrey, especially since he had just given her his approval for her to marry Petyr. Her mother was extremely disappointed in her and made sure that Muriel knew of it. She told Muriel of all the ways Aubrey would break her heart and that she will in the end regret their marriage. It wasn't until Muriel finally threatened to elope with Aubrey that they at last accepted their marriage, though that did not mean that they approved of it. For their precious daughter to marry a playboy! That was simply not right! But even worse was the scandal of elopement.

Muriel, on the other hand, was not worried whether Aubrey was going to cheat on her or not. The night when Aubrey placed the engagement ring on her finger, he had told her that he would never hurt her.

"It's okay if you have sex with another woman," she had told him. "Just make sure she doesn't have any diseases or anything. I also want you to tell me who and when you had sex with. I don't want any secrets between us, Aubrey. I believe that you truly love me, but I also know that habits are hard to break. Sometimes I won't be with you due to tours, parties, and fashion shows and you need to take your mind off the pressure, loneliness, whatever and sex lets you forget it for a while."

He had smiled at her. "Only you would know me that well. I'll try to be as faithful as I can to you, but I can't promise I'll succeed." He looked at her, his face vulnerable, showing all his emotions.

She gently cupped his face. "Trying is enough." And they kissed.

The day of the wedding was extremely hectic. They had decided to get married outside under the bright sunshine. It was the only way to fit the three hundred designers, photographers, reporters, families and friends.

Aubrey wore a black suit with a white shirt and tie. Although he looked extremely handsome, he was scared that Muriel would run off with someone handsomer, someone named Petyr. He had demanded to see Muriel before the wedding but her bridesmaids barred the entrance, stating that the bride and the groom seeing each other on the day of the wedding was unlucky. What kind of stupid superstition was that? Who actually believes that crap? He finally managed to convince David, the best man, to go make sure that Muriel was really going to marry him.

David, being the mischievous troublemaker that he was, told Aubrey that he saw Muriel run off with Petyr on a motorcycle. Aubrey let out a scream of rage, which quickly made David assure him that he was just joking. His scream had startled Muriel who tried to see what was the matter but Anne, the maid of honor, placed her hands over Muriel's eyes before she could see, and led her back into the room to dress for the wedding. David did the same thing to Aubrey and led him away.

Finally the wedding began and all was as it was suppose to be. Petyr watched as the woman he loved walked down the isle and into the arms of another. He felt the familiar pang in his heart, but he forced himself to watch as they became man and wife, that way he'll finally know that he had no chance. He forced himself to stay seated when he could have objected the marriage. He saw the happiness shining in Muriel's eyes and he did not want to ruin this for her. He closed his eyes when Muriel and Aubrey kissed, that would have been too painful for even him to endure.

A hand brushed his cheek, wiping the tear that had fallen away. He opened his eyes and found himself to be staring into the face of a Chinese girl that looked slightly like Muriel. She was not as pretty but there was the same kind of eyes dancing with amusement as well as the habit of tilting the head slightly to the side.

"Hi, I'm Jenny, Muriel's cousin. You must be Petyr." Petyr could only nod dumbly. "Let's dance." Jenny led Petyr to the open field where there was only a few people dancing. Much to his surprise, he found himself enjoying the dance with Jenny and was disappointed when the song ended. But instead of leaving him as he expected her to, she made no move to leave or dance with someone else.

Muriel had asked Jenny to look after Petyr. Muriel knew that Petyr would be heartbroken though he would never show it. Jenny agreed instantly. She had been curious at who exactly was this Petyr. She knew that he was a model but she wanted actually know him, not just some label named 'model.' Of course she expected him to be handsome but she had never expected him to be so. . .enthralling. She wondered how Muriel even had the heart to leave him like this.

She excused herself from Petyr, claiming that she needed to go to the bathroom but really she was writing something down on a small slip of paper. When she came back, she saw Petyr and Muriel dancing together. It was a dance of goodbye. When the danced finished, Muriel placed a kiss on his cheek and walked away, leaving Petyr staring after her with pain clearly written in his eyes. It hurt too much to even look at it.

Jenny walked up and claimed him before anyone else could. Petyr was surprised to find a woman in his arms, but when he saw it was Jenny, he relaxed and let the music carry them away.

The party ended and Jenny needed to go home. She pressed a piece of paper into Petyr's hands and winked, then walked off in the direction of her car. Petyr watched until she was out of sight and finally looked down to see what she had written.

I had a great time today. When you're over Muriel, call me. My phone number is (694) 503-5948. I'll be waiting. Jenny.

Maybe I will, Petyr thought. Maybe I will.

The End

Did you guys like the ending? I certainly hope so. I had a few complaints about Muriel not ending up with Petyr but I think that would sort of complicate the partner relationship between Muriel and Aubrey. They wouldn't be able to work together comfortably if Muriel ended up with Petyr. I thought that Jenny was a better person for Petyr because she is more outgoing than Muriel and definitely bolder. Maybe it'll draw Petyr out of his shell. Who knows? Use your imagination.

Most of my stories will be about the life of a Chinese girl in America because I can draw from my experience. Anyway, it makes the story more interesting to have some cultural stuff in it as well, don't you think?

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