"Hey London!" I called out to him. "Gimme two bucks!" I laughed lightly and walked up to him. He was the quite kind, sort of what you might call 'Punk' or 'Goth' or whatever. Short spiky blue hair, grey eyes, tall, skiny, light pinkish skin. Wore a lot of black clothing, ripped stuff, fishnets and spikes, and studs. Band tee shirts and safty pin jewlery. Our school didn't have too many of those, so no one really liked him.

"Oh? And why should I?" He raised his eyebrow, the one he wanted to get pierced and tried to keep a straight face. He grinned instead.

"Because I said so." I crossed my arms and winked at him. He shook his head and dug into his frayed black bag that was littered with pins and buttons and patches.

"Here," he handed me a five and closed his bag. "I want change." He gave a stern look and I just rolled my eyes at him.

"Okay, fine." I grabbed the bill from him and headed off to the vending machines in our highschool cafeteria.

"Change, Cricket!" he called out and I just gave him the finger. I could see him sighing and just smiled at this. I got my can of low grade ice tea, and a two bags of chips. Then I walked back over to him, handing him the three bucks in change.

"Thank you." He smiled and folded the bills, sticking them back into his bag.

"Is that new?" I gestured to the white plastic band that was around his neck among the chains and spikes. It sported a black sticker that said 'Generic Social Label' in bold white letters.

"Oh this?" He grabbed it with his thumb and tugged on it. "Yeah, I got it at the corner store yesterday, Kyle made the sticker for me." Kyle was his brother, just so you're not confused.

"Is that?" I just noticed what the white band was. "A Flea collar?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yes." He grinned.


"Because. Now stop with the questions. I hate questions." He stressed on his accent and then stuck out his tongue. He was british, just moved here last month, that's why I called him London. A few other's did too, but I was the one who started it. His real name was Johnny.

"Fine then. Lets go sit." He nodded and we walked outside and sat at one of the blue plastic picnic tabels outside. While we were sitting there, Mike, and Cassie joined us. Mike was a jack-ass but he was a good friend of mine. Actually, he really was a nice guy, just the messed up type. And Cassie was that preppy kind, but she was really nice, so we were friends with her. Not to mention I had a big crush on her.

We sat there talking about nothing, what we always do, talk about nothing. I think Cassie started going on about a new lip gloss or something...I wasn't paying attention, until, She put the lip gloss on London. I just kinda raised my eyebrows and watched as he tried not to laugh when she put it on him. He laughed, we all kinda did but he did look really good in it...

"Real sexy London, you should wear that stuff more often..." Mike spoke up and grinned and winked. Cassie looked kinda creeped out by his comment...but it didn't phase me, he was Mike.

"Really now?" London grinned back and brought his face in close to Mike...Mike got up from next to me, bumping my arm.

"Really..." Mike brought his face closer too...

Then it happened. I don't know who made the first move, hell they probably both did. But, there they were leaning over the lunch table, kissing eachother for all to see.

"Ewww! Guys cut it out!" Leave it to Cassie to ruin the moment...but I couldn't stay mad at her.

"Aw come on Cass!" I shot her a look and then took a sip of my iced tea. Mike sat down and sorta laughed it off...London was blushing and looking away. "You guys should get together."

"You think?" Mike grinned over at London who smiled back shyly.

"I do." I smiled and started eating. It wasn't the best of days, but it was better then some.