By:Andrew Troy Keller

Have you ever been a part of team for the Arena Football League and suddenly find yourself falling in love with the team's general manager?
Believe it or not,that's exactly what had happened to me on a Tuesday,while our team,the Berea Bulldogs were praticing our winning moves.
That was when I had seen the one woman who--in my humble opinion--is the most beautiful creature on the face of the planet Earth.
But then,our coach had walked over to us and told us that she was Joanna Foxworthy,our new general manager.
All of a sudden,my stomach had sank to ground level in about two seconds flat.
I mean,we football players dating other ladies--like for instance,cheerleaders and sports reporters,there's nothing wrong with it.
However,we football players dating our general managers was a whole other story.
Anyway,she was shaking every other player's hand and I've wanted to get myself out of there,before she had gotten to me.
But that was when the teammate from Hell,Roger 'Rock' Morganstern had pointed at me and said,"Hey,chief!Want to say 'hi' to my good buddy,'Tank'?"
At first,I've really wanted to kill him for that.
But that was before she had gotten to me,shook my hand and said,"Hi,Tank.I'm glad to meet you."
And then,just as I was about to apologize for not knowing who she was,Joanna had let out a smile and said,"I think that you're cute,too."
After I had heard that,I had let out a smile and said,"Well,gee.Thanks."
Just then,after we were finally done with our practice drills,gone into the locker room and got ourselves cleaned up,we were about to go out into the parking lot,get into our cars and go home.
That was before Joanna had stopped me in the hall and said,"Tank,can I see you in my office,please?"
And after we had walked into the office,I've asked,"What is it that you've wanted to see me about?"
The only answer that she had given me was that of her wrapping her arms around me and
giving me one Hell of a tonsillectame that even Barry Bosworth would never believe.
After that kiss,Joanna had looked at me and said,"Ever since we were in high school,I'm still in love with you,John."
After I had heard that,I had suddenly realized that Joanna was really Jo-Jo,one of the cutest looking cheerleaders that we had back in my high school days.
And before I had found out,I was wondering whatever had happened to her all these years.
Suddenly,she had told me that after graduating high school,she had gone to work her father's sports corperation,which had also owned the New York Giants and other such teams.
That was how she had found out about me and my Berea Bulldogs teammates and volunteered to become our new general manager.
Just then,after I had peeked outside and saw that no one else was around,Jo-Jo and I had settled ourselves down into enjoying a night of pure,untamed erotica.
And then,it was a Sunday,the day of our home game against the Rhode Island Raptors,when I had called Jo-Jo on my cell phone and told her to check out the scoreboard.
On the scoreboard was a message which had said,"Joanna Foxworthy,will you marry me?--John 'Tank' Hardington."
After she had read the message,Jo-Jo had called me on the cell phone and said,"Yes!I will marry you!"
And on Tuesday,March the Fourth,John 'Tank' Hardington had married Joanna Foxworthy.
And we had been happily married for nine years--and have the two kids and a brand new house to prove it.
I guess this proves us all one thing--true love is sometimes where you least expect it.
And if you also want to take my wife's word for it,just come over to Berea,Ohio and look up John 'Tank' and Joanna Foxworthy Hardington.
She'll tell you exactly what I had told you.
Oh,and if this ever gets published into a book,I do believe that 'Love and the Arena Football team' makes a terrific sounding title.
Don't you agree?
Anyway,that was my story and I hope that you had enjoyed it very much.
Thank you for your time and see you soon.